Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012: Week 17 Time goes by way too fast...

I can`t believe that Jack already had his farewell! And since when was Josh going to be Deacons Quorom President?? I had no idea! Congratulations o ¡Felicitaciones! That`s great to hear work is going better. I am a little worried about maybe being in a new ward when I get back, but I can't really do much about it. A zebra dress, that sounds a interesting.... I definitely need to see a picture of that.(Referring to Emily's Sweethearts Dance dress.) I got all the packages by the way. and at the same time. So all the Elders who are in their "drought" weren't too happy that Elder Duke got 4 packages and like 10 letters. It was really funny!!

Our investigadores are good since you want to pray for them I'll go one by one and explain their situation.

Mariana: She loves everything about church she has been 5 weeks in a row all three hours. Only problem is she doesn't want to acept a fecha for baptism because in November she tried to committ suicide. We've tried to explain to her that The only thing she needs to do now is make that step of faith. We know that God has forgiven her and she is ready. She is just scared and still needs to forgive herself. We want to give her the 10th of March as date for baptism. So you can help pray for her for that date.

Veronica: She is 12 and she loves everything she just has a problem with putting church as a priority. So if you could pray for her to have that desire to come to church that will help a ton.

Daniela: She is kind of off and on. One week she comes and the next she doesn't. She reads and prays but just has a problem with getting to church every sunday.

Lilian: She is 40 mas o menos and she has 2 daughters 12 and 18. They don't listen to us but she has been talking to us for about 3 weeks now. She went to church 3 weeks ago. and she now has the thought that church is boring because it was a 5th sunday and everything was rescatate (reactivating) and bring back the menos activos. It was actually hard for us to stay awake... So now we just need help with her getting back to church and also her daughters to listen to us.

Malena: She loves talking to us and all the other stuff and her parents also. Her and her mom had a Fecha for the 25th of this month, but they didn't come to church.... They have a Panadaria (bakery) and they work every day in the morning So it's hard to get them to church. So pray for them to come to church.

Those are all of our investigadores that are really set and we've had at least 2-3 lessons with. They're all great just no one here comes to church.

I love you all and miss you! Thanks for all the prayers!

con amor, Elder Jordan Duke

P.S. I had pictures I was going to send, but we have Zone Conference this week so I can't even send them until thursday and I won't get anything till then either. i'll still send them though.

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