Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012: Week 36

So this last week was good. We had a lot of great things happen and some not so great. We had yet more people randomly show up to church just because they felt like they should come. It's been really
interesting to see how both sides are working really hard out here. Of course we know what side is going to win ;)

The lady with a big family is good. Turns out big family means 4! But we talked to the Husband and some of the kids and they are super good. A family of gold. Yanet is good, We had a lesson with her yesterday and it went super good. Ezequiel went back to Deo to school so he won't be back till middle of July. Some of the friends of Oscar are a little iffy and we've started working with them a little less, but they're still there and we still play fùtbol every saturday. I'm getting pretty good now.....sort of....

THE WAHNSCHAFFE'S ARE MOVING!?!?! how lame. We'll, tell them to have fun in Saratoga Springs for me and that they will be missed. Josh leaves that soon? Mira. (Wow...sort of...not direct translation.) Tell him good luck in Mexico and that the mission is super awesome. Super fun to learn Spanish too. Where is Brian going by the way? I don't remember... I know Paul is going to Mexico also. The mission is definitely worth it.

Nice pics of the Fire!! What a bunch of tards! So were they out hunting and started a fire or what? Sounds really freaky though, glad I wasn't there. LOL, fires don't happen at all here way too humid. I'm glad to know that my blue box was part of the "Important stuff." That wouldn't be fun to come home to nothing. No one has taken stuff out yet, right? O.o

Ya I was told about the Heat winning.........No comment......................

Language is doing good. I still make little mistakes like I forget that its just mil not un mil or stuff like Un otro for another when it's just otro for both other and another. But it's doing good. I
still get super annoyed when people are like, "His spanish is better then yours." DUH! I've been here for 8 mnths, him 2 yrs! Hello! Nah, but it's alright I'm still learning.

About Elder Glenn and the hospital. I can't really involve much detail, (this portion deleted to save Elder Glenn from any potential embarrassment... ;) ) Aburrido (boring) for me sitting in a hospital the whole day was not fun..... but he's better now so no worries.

Well I love you guys and it was great to see those pictures of your trip I'm glad you had fun!

You're the best family in the world and never forget it. Know that I love you and pray for you every day and night.

Elder Jordan Duke

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012: First Baptism: Congratulations, Oscar!

 Oscar's Friends who are learning from the missionaries as well.

 Oscar, his friends, and Elder Duke

 Elder Glenn added in.

 Elder Duke, the camera is to your right...

 Elder Glenn, the camera is to your left... ;)

June 18, 2012: Week 35 First Baptism!

To start off....WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok now that that's taken care of. This week was great. First we had really good lessons all week and we found a lot of really great people. Sunday was the best. First we came to the church and as we were waiting for people to arrive a guy and his mom showed up and told us that they saw the church and decided to come in. We let them in of course and we later found out that He is studying down in Montevideo and all his roomates are return missionaries. He's read the BoM and he goes to institute. He's been taking the missionary lessons from the Elders in Deo (Short for Montevideo) and decided to bring his mom to the church. After we had a sick lesson with them and she accepted the invitation for baptism for the 8th of July! Also a menos activa of well over 5 years came back to church for the first time and wants us to come and teach her 10 member family of which she is the only member. Then to top it all off we had the BAPTISM!! It was great, and I felt a little humbled that Oscar wanted me to baptize him. The water was a little cold because the water heater didn't work right but it was worth it. It felt super good and I finally feel like my work here as a missionary is counting for something. Not that I don't think that what I've been doing these 4 changes before wasn't worth anything. I learned a lot from those changes. I'm just saying it feels so much more rewarding when your efforts actually lead to something like helping someone make that first covenent and step into the church.

I still haven't gotten your emails for this week so I can't really respond to questions or see how its going, but I'm sure your all doing good, in fact I'm 100% sure, because I pray for your safety and comfort every day twice a day.

Other random things I need to let you know. 1. I don't have any stamps left and I just got a ton of letters, So it's going to be a little bit before anyone recieves letters. 2. I finally got my birthday packages and YES I love what I got. There is a member in the rama here that likes the Jazz almost as much as I do. Also the Nutella and Peanut Butter are definitely being used with much delite from me and Elder Glenn.

Hope your all well and aren't missing me too much ;) Keep being the superest, coolest, greatest, awesomest family ever!!

Elder Jordan Duke

Monday, June 11, 2012

June 12, 2012: Week 34, New Pics from Carmelo and Tacuarembo

 With Elder Lopez

 Colonia Zone
Fish caught in Carmelo...wouldn't his grandpa be proud? ;)

With Elder Glenn in new apartment in Carmelo.

June 12, 2012: Week 34

Hey Fam!!

This week has been really great! I don't think I've worked as hard in my entire mission! We were non-stop contacting, teaching, finding, and now next Sunday baptizing! I'm super excited that I finally helped someone get to that point! We have 2 of the kids that played futbol with us on saturdays getting baptized. We're are working with another one so it's a possible 3. Their names are: Marcos Ochoa, Oscar Rattaro, and the other possible is Brian Crame. They are all great kids and I can't wait to see them enter the waters of baptism. 

Still haven't gotten the other packages, which would be the ones with my Birthday stuff. I know it's come already though, because we didn't have district meeting because of changes but the bolsa (mail bag) still came and our District Leader has our stuff and I'll get it tomorrow. Funny when we called to give the numbers he was like "Elder Duke I hate you man! You got 2 more packages and a ton of letters!" I just laughed and said, "Elder Hansen, I'm sorry no one loves you. If you want I can write you to make you feel better." He got a good laugh out of it!

Elder Glenn played in the Cresent Super Band on Alto Sax and he has a few CD's of their preformances. He also is really good at the guitar. A member had one last night and he was playing a bunch of stuff. He is pretty talented. LOL, it was funny because then I grabbed it and couldn't remember how to play anything.... but that's what I get for not practicing and keeping up on it.

Gi ve the ward alot of thanks from me and tell them that I can definitely tell that I have a lot of support from them. I am grateful for all their prayers and support and love from them. 

Yes I have the inside of my coat. (Because of weight restrictions we had to mail Jordan's winter coat in two pieces.) It's one of the 2 packages that came. I got that and the PB&J. I have definitely enjoyed chowin down on a good PB&J! My favorite! :)

That welfare plan sounds interesting. I like it. It will definitely help stengthen the ward bond. Super good idea.

Have fun in Idaho and tell Grandma Hi and that I love her. Also I sent her and Grandma and Grandpa Ward letters so they should get those within the next 3-4 weeks. I actually do remember something about geese chasing me, just a vague memory though.

 I can't believe that Emily is going up to college soon!! That's crazy! So she's doing English/Creative writing. She want to be a teacher? I could see her being one.

Great for Kaili, I'm rooting for you to win! Good luck! (Color guard captain)
Sarah, Josh take turns mowing the lawn ;) and keep up the work in MB!
Lauren, keep up on the flute and thank you for the happy birthday email!

I love you all tons!! Keep being awesome!!! Also keep being great Examples of how to live the Gospel. I love you again!

Elder Jordan Duke

PS How's the work with the neighbors going?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012: Week 33 "Changes....Again"

We got our changes yesterday and Elder Salgado is going to the area Oeste (West) in Montevideo. I'm staying here to "kill" Elder Glenn, who just happens to be the AP, at least until he comes here. THE AP!!! Man, I've heard that killing a missionary is bad enough, but the ex-AP, this is going to be an interesting change.

(For those of you who do not know, to "kill" a missionary is to be their last companion. Interesting term, I know, but they're 19-21 year old young men. What do you expect? ;) )

I got half of the packages. I'll get the others on Thursday most likely. I really don't feel like I'm 20. It's weird to think about.

Ya you seem to have a hard time staying away from that subject. ;) (You all can make a guess about what (or "who") that subject is....)

I would love to get that CTR ring. If not a copy will do. I figure it wasn't really that hard to come by. About the pics, did you not recieve the emails I sent with the pics? I'll try to send pics as I take more and now that I  have a SD card reader it will be easier.

Ya, I still don't feel as old as you with 2 out of HS and one out of teens years. ;) Still being 20 is weird...

Maddi playing tuba....alright. Definitely not something I'd ever expect. I'm sure eventually we'll see Josh as Drumline captain.

About the account. We moved houses and I had to pay for the moving stuff and here it's really expensive in Colonia. I had to pay Mil (1000) pesos. And I've had to pay for a lot of my comps bus passes and stuff because he never has money. I try to keep money, but they don't give enough to pay for 2 misionaries in an expensive area like here. I don't need a ton just enough to make it through june.

And I only bought fake Ray Bans once...or twice....not. I'm joking really only once.

I knew you would get a nice TV when I left...... that's alright.  Enjoy it!

The area is good, still has a lot of problems but it's improving. I'm sure with AP man we will have some good sucess. There are a lot of really great people here.

I love you all and keep up on the neighboors. You're the best family ever!!!

Elder Jordan Duke