Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 5, 2012: Week 33 "Changes....Again"

We got our changes yesterday and Elder Salgado is going to the area Oeste (West) in Montevideo. I'm staying here to "kill" Elder Glenn, who just happens to be the AP, at least until he comes here. THE AP!!! Man, I've heard that killing a missionary is bad enough, but the ex-AP, this is going to be an interesting change.

(For those of you who do not know, to "kill" a missionary is to be their last companion. Interesting term, I know, but they're 19-21 year old young men. What do you expect? ;) )

I got half of the packages. I'll get the others on Thursday most likely. I really don't feel like I'm 20. It's weird to think about.

Ya you seem to have a hard time staying away from that subject. ;) (You all can make a guess about what (or "who") that subject is....)

I would love to get that CTR ring. If not a copy will do. I figure it wasn't really that hard to come by. About the pics, did you not recieve the emails I sent with the pics? I'll try to send pics as I take more and now that I  have a SD card reader it will be easier.

Ya, I still don't feel as old as you with 2 out of HS and one out of teens years. ;) Still being 20 is weird...

Maddi playing tuba....alright. Definitely not something I'd ever expect. I'm sure eventually we'll see Josh as Drumline captain.

About the account. We moved houses and I had to pay for the moving stuff and here it's really expensive in Colonia. I had to pay Mil (1000) pesos. And I've had to pay for a lot of my comps bus passes and stuff because he never has money. I try to keep money, but they don't give enough to pay for 2 misionaries in an expensive area like here. I don't need a ton just enough to make it through june.

And I only bought fake Ray Bans once...or twice....not. I'm joking really only once.

I knew you would get a nice TV when I left...... that's alright.  Enjoy it!

The area is good, still has a lot of problems but it's improving. I'm sure with AP man we will have some good sucess. There are a lot of really great people here.

I love you all and keep up on the neighboors. You're the best family ever!!!

Elder Jordan Duke

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