Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 28, 2012: Week 32

Hola, Familia!
This week was good, and to top it off we had 6 people in the church this week and a total of 33 people came to church, which is more then have come for over a year. It was really great! It especially helped to gain a little more confidence from the Branch President. I thought about what you said Dad, and you're right. I shouldn't think of not bringing people into the church. I was just frustrated with this area and the lack of support from the members. Now we are working hard, and we have 4 people with fecha for bautismo (Baptism date). So this week was super great!

Also we went fishing this morning with a member at a little pond. It was really beatiful and I caught like 6 fish! Half of them were too small to keep but afterwards we cooked them and had fish for lunch. It was delicious!

WOW! I remember when I graduated from seminary. I still remember that phone call from Bro Becar like the day before asking if I would speak. When is graduation for HS? Its coming up really soon huh? You guys really are getting old. 2 out of HS.

How excited is Aunt Shawna about Alex coming home in less then 5 months? It's so crazy that he is almost done! Feels like just yesterday that he left. Another crazy thing is I'll have 1 year exactly in the mission when he has 2.

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear about Grandma and the surgery. Hope all goes well there. I will definitely send her a letter. Tell me how the trip is if you go out to visit them.

Yeah! Graciela is a menos activa (less active church member), and we are working with her son as an investigator. I already have the newspaper clip stashed away to keep as a recuerdo (momento). It's funny because it's a sea of mas o menos darker skinned people,,,then BAM tall skinny white guy right in the middle, LOL! I thought it was super hilarious when she showed me the picture. Watching them turn the Puente (bridge) wasn't that exciting but it's cool that I got in the front page of the newspaper of Carmelo. BTW, I didn't get more pictures of the Puente because I forgot my camera in the casa.

I knew you'd buy a nice TV after I left! Only a little less then 1 and a half and I can enjoy it too! :)
Lol, it's great that mom thought 42" is small! Love you mom!

Way to go Josh! Capo! (means stud in spanish, and here they use it as both terms for stud) All 12 major scales in under 90 secs! I don't think I could have done that. Then again with percussion you don't have to breathe as much ;) Keep up the awesome work, Josh!

That's super cool that Sis. Diaz's daughter came to church with them. She has to have like 20 something years no? It's great to hear that they are excepting her as family. Maybe coming to church and the graduation is what will start her investigation in the church and capàz (perhaps) eventually joining of the church. I'm sure that would be great for Sis. Diaz, especially.

Good, I espect reports on how your missionary work is going with any new neighbors.

We have found a lot of great jovenes (young people) for the rama (branch) from our activities de Fùtbol on Saturdays, which is good because the rama has 2 jovenes total, both deacons. All of them have excepted fechas de bautismo and are preparing for the 16th of June as their fecha. We'll see how it turns out.

To tell the truth, I haven't really thought about my birthday. Remember that I'm the kid who slept in until like noon on my 16th birthday and who forgot it was even my birthday until I was surprised by all the friends from the neighborhood in the house singing to me. But still it's crazy to think that I am leaving the "Teens." That makes me feel old! Not as old as Mom and Dad of course. ;) Hopefully my birthday packages come tomorrow. If not I'll get them on the 7th of June, so not too bad.

Sounds like this next week will be super busy with graduations and parties and band and all. Actually, doesn't sound like much more running around then a typical day at the Duke House.

Tell Alicia congrats on her graduation and Lizzy about her Young Womens medallion.

EMILY, HAPPY GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you feel? A little nervous? Don't be it's not that bad. WOOOHOOO!!!!

Have fun "Celebrating" Memorial Day!

I love you guys and want you all to know how much I love my Savior and what he has done for me. I love this gospel and feel priviledged to be able to share it with others.

Keep being awesome!
Elder Jordan Duke

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