Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012: Week 49

Hey Fam!
Doing good here, and you? It's good to hear that Westlake is gonna kick some butt this year again! Just gotta watch out for Riverton. This past week has been a little stressfull because we had to drop a good amount of our investigadores, because they aren't progressing. But it's alright because I know that we're going to find more people that are more prepared because we have the faith.
I can't believe we only lost by .08, WOW! What is the show about anyway? You should send me a video of a part of it. I want to know what it's like. That's pretty funny that they had the parents follow the kids. I'm sure that people we're running into each other all over the place.  lol!
So investigadores are a little scarce for now. We took the decision to drop Gilberto for a little bit. He has stopped progressing and isn't showing much desire to quit his vices... We're still gonna stop by and let him know we love him.
I still cannot believe that in less then a month I'll have been gone for a year! Time goes by like the blink of an eye! CRAZY!!!
Emily, Don't get discouraged with the math. Your way better at it than I am ;) Just keep working hard and keep those grades Up! Also an E-mail would be nice ;)
That's cool that Brennan is going to Arizona. Tell him Good Luck! Also speaking of friends and missions, in October we get to go down to Deo and have a conference with Elder Oaks. It will be the 2 missions from Uruguay. So I'll see all the guys from the CCM and also Elder Brian Farnsworth. That will be sooo awesome seeing them. I've been told that Brian lost a lot of weight so far. Also Elder Viñas already came. It was soo great. He taught us alot. Also he dropped the cane on us a little for the high inactive member rate here in Uruguay. Well it's not our fault the people here are lazy, lol ;) Nah we can do better to help make sure that the people are truly converted. Good news. I found out my convert Marcos is still active and he's receiving the Priesthood soon! That made me super happy! Also one of the investigadores we were working with, Eduardo, is getting baptized on the 7th of Oct.
I told Elder Petersen about the pillow case and driving through his town, and He just laughed and said he's a fan of both BYU and Utah State. Also He says hi back for his family :)
I always knew that Josh had a way with the food. I definitely miss his culinary masterpieces.
Well I hope all is well there and that you all have a awesome week. I love you all. I know that this gospel is true and I'm happy that we can be an eternal family some day
Love, Elder Jordan Duke

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