Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1, 2012: Week 50

Hey Fam!

How you all doing? I'm doing good. We had some pretty good success this week so I'm pretty happy. Also we have had fun today. We went to Brazil again and after this we're going to play a little ping pong. It's gonna be awesome! I started to really like pìng pong and we play it every thursday for Priesthood Activity. I'm still not very good. but Elder Petersen is a pro so we never lose when we do doubles. I just have to keep it on the table and he slams it for the score.

Fah! Sounds like you guys had a ridiculous week! Sorry it went so bad. We'll at least you're all safe. Mom got me a bit worried the way she started her email :) I'm happy you're all good though, except Emily. GET BETTER ;) I LOVE YOU EMILY!! At least Kaili had fun at homecoming, and they did good at band competition. Keep kicking butt and beat Timpview!!

So to start off the onslaught of questions and random stories, first off what ever happened to Shadow? Did she ever come back or are we down to 1 cat now (The oldest fattest one...)?

Second we had house checks for how clean it is and we owned it! It probably helped that a member came over and cleaned for us, but we were by far the cleanest house. THe ZL's house was the worst. They got a ton of really low scores. Their house almost was rated unlivable,lol. Super Gross!

Also I found out that Marcos is doing really good and is still active! He is getting the priesthood soon! That's sooo awesome to hear! I'm super excited for him and I've heard from Elder Ruiz that they're working wit his family. I hope they get baptized soon!

Christmas.....Wow, I don't know... I really can't think of anything except for ties. That's always what's great and money to buy recuerdos. Other than that I can't think of anything that I need. I'm pretty much set on garments and shirts and stuff.

I'm super excited for conference! It's gonna be great, and we get to watch it in English! Also live. It'll be great and I can't wait to get to listen to the Prophet and the Apostles. We'll defintely need to share our favorite parts. ;)

Not much more than that. I love you guys and hope you have a better week this week ;)! Remember to write, Emily ;) lol jk! I love you all and I hope someday to be with you guys in the Celestial Kingdom.

Love your favorite missionary,
Elder Jordan Duke

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