Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012: Week 52! One Year Mark!

Dear Family,

So I just thought about it and this Saturday I'll have been gone for 1 year.... that means that this next november, december, etc. will be my last in Uruguay...What a weird thought. Also Alex comes home in 8 days?!? I swear he just left! Crazy how time flies, no? I'm a little worried because I'm at the point where most missionaries in our mission go up to senior comp and train. I have a feeling that it's gonna happen probably this next change, but I don't feel ready. I mean I know perfectly fine how to communicate and I understand practically everything, but being the "leader" and maybe with a brand new missionary is a scary thought.

Also in 2 weeks Elder Oaks comes!!! WOOT! I'm super excited! It's gonna be the 2 missions in Uruguay so like 500 missionaries!! I'll get to see all my friends from the CCM (MTC) and also Brian Farnsworth from Eagle Mountain! I heard he lost a ton of weight in the mission. President Heaton has asked us to pray and fast to receive revelation for our missions and areas. Also he wants us to pray and fast for an Elder Brian Scott who had his calling to come to our mission in November, but just last week they found out that he had Lukemia (Blood Cancer) and he's in the Hospital in Salt Lake City. He wants us to fast and pray so that Elder Scott can be healed and come serve his mission here with us. I thought it would be a good idea if you guys could join with us in the fast for Elder Scott. We're going to do it the saturday, the 27th. Thanks family, you're awesome!

About the floods, no one in our area had problems but some of the other missionaries just helped pull people out of their house all day. We didn't do much but we helped a few people, who had a little bit of mud and water in their houses, clean. It has stopped raining for now, luckily, but that means the hot is coming and here it is HOT! I'm pretty sure I'll be here at least until Christmas so I'm gonna die!

Not much has happened this week super exciting. We're still working with Honorio, but it's gonna be work to get him to church. Something I'm used to now, because the Uruguayos are a little lazy as a culture. Also we have found a couple more good people. Santiago he's 20 and lives with his Grandma. He's a capo (stud) and really likes everything we say to him. He couldn't come to church because it was his b'day and he went to his friends house in another barrio because his grandma is crazy! Also we found Caroline, she is a ex-investigador and has been to church a few times. Both are great and high possibles for baptism this change. Which by the way ends when I have 1 year and 1 month in the mission.

Emily, I was talking to some of the leaders here like our bishop and stake president about your situation to see what they thought, and they said that with your situation with Brad and all that they probably wouldn't go, but to ask the Lord. The mission is great, but like one of the apostles said in conference, it's an obligation for only the men. Don't get too bummed about your answer. The Lord has something for you that He knows will be the best for you, and if that's stay home then go with it. I love you Emily, keep being the awesomest blonde shorty ever! LOL

We'll that's about all for this week, hopefull my cards and stuff come soon. it's a good thing my comp is a nice guy who buys me what I need. Hope you all have a great week and recieve many blessings from our Heavenly Father.

Love, Elder Jordan Duke

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