Monday, October 22, 2012

October 22, 2012: The start of year 2!

What's up every one!
SO this week was good. First of all I hit my year mark......I felt super weird that day. We were in a charla (discussion) and I thought, "1 year ago I was on a plane flying to Buenos Aires..." Fahhh super weird! Also we have a tradition where you burn a tie on your year mark. So I burnt one and it was fun. I have pics I'm going to send to you guys of it.
Also make sure to tell me how Alex is, and tell him sorry for never writing him a letter even once....

Thanks for the help fixing the problem with my cards and wallet, I will probably just end up buying a new wallet here. Also I might not need to do the new papers for the DL, because a guy called us and said that he had found a few cards and documents of mine in the street. We're going today to go get them. I'll tell you next week what I got from him. I still haven't gotten the card from the mission. but tommorow we get the bolsa so I'll probably get it there. Also Elder Petersen has a cuenta (account) of all my owings and it's about $20.
As for the investigadores, mas o menos. Honorio, Santiago, caroline... none of them came to church, but a couple of ex-investigadores came, so we're going to start going by them again to see if they've changed. This week was a little rough and we had a lot of the members fail on us, which happens way to often. It's hard because we're trying to fix the problems here with missionaries before that really screwed up and now the members have bad view of us. I'm sure that we can help them realize that we're not the same but it's taking work. We've got some great people though and still have good support, it could just always be better. Also thanks for the idea Mom, we've actually been trying that and it works really well. Like President Hinkley said, new members need 3 things to stay active: 1. Be nuirished by the word of God 2. A calling and 3. a friend.
So how was your week? Weird to think back on that last Davis Cup when I was dressed as a missionary and everyone was commenting about how we were going to win because we had a missionary helping us. It's crazy that that was a year ago!
Cool that you went to Park City! Lame that you forgot your ribs! Lol! Hopefully someone get's that out or it's going to go bad and stink! Sounds like the kids had fun painting numbers. How many have gotten their Eagles since I left? I'm sure we have a TON.
For an experience with Portuguese (Elder Duke speaks Spanish in his mission but in the city he is in now, on the Brazillian border, many people speak only Portuguese.) We went to a members house named Julian who has a son who's 10 who's not a member. They weren't home so as we left we saw a garage next door open and we heard music coming from inside and there was a car. So we went over to ask if they knew where Julian was. When we entered there were 3 guys working. We noticed a really foul smell and then realized that they were packaging Tabacco in rolls. We started up the conversation and realized quickly that all we're speaking portuguese. I said a quick prayer that we could communicate with them and we started talking about little things like Church and what we do as missionaries. After about an hour of talking with them we invited them to come to church and gave them a folleto (pamphlet) of the Restoration that we had in Portuguese. I realized after that I had understood everything they said and they understood us. I knew that God had answered my prayer and we we're able to communicate to them about the gospel.
I love all of you and hope you all have a great week! I love this gospel and the chance I have to share my love with the people here in Uruguay. ¡Hasta luego!
Elder Jordan Duke

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