Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 9, 2012: Week 51

So biggest news, I'm staying in Artigas with Elder Petersen. Second biggest news. I lost my a taxi...., with all my money about 2000 pesos, both mission and personal credit cards, temple recommend, drivers license, Eagle scout card, and other stuff.....I'm pretty sure it fell out of my pocket when I was siting in the taxi and I didn't notice until a few hours later, and when I called the taxi place the guy who drove us said he "Couldn't find it." I don't want to judge but I know how it is.... I already talked to the offices and they cancelled the card for the mission and are sending me another card with replacement money. I don't know if they talked to you, but probably going to need to freeze my account so nothing happens. As for license and stuff I figure when I get back I can get replacements because for now they don't matter much. For my recommend I'll just talk to Pres. Heaton during interviews. Just thought I'd let you know. So.... I was thinking a new wallet would be great for Christmas. Great news, no?
This last week was my turn for a rough week. I was sick almost the whole week from colds to fever. Also the problem with the wallet... but all is well now and I'm not sick anymore. I agree with what Emily said last week that it sucks being sick away from home!
Conference was amazing! That was crazy when President Monson made the anouncement about missionaries. Funny thing is we all thought about how old we'd all be now, being 20-21. Then the next thought I had was, my sister is 19 in like 4 months... funny, no? I forgot my notes from conference at home, so I'l tell you some of my favorite parts next week.
Something crazy, It's been raining all day for 5 days straight and there is a river that divides Brazil and Uruguay, and it's overflowed and they've evacuated over 100 homes already. Apparently it's the worst flooding since like 1940. Last night it was raining soo hard that water started coming in our house! I of course just stayed asleep while my comp was freaking out, lol! It was pretty carzy though. I atttached some pics of the road being flooded over.
The only thing I thought about time was that in 2 weeks from last Saturday it will be half over. After that I'll always have less days left than what I have. Also that Alex must be pretty trunky lol! Probably not as bad as Aunt Shawna though ;)
That's sweet that the MB kicked butt last competition. Think they'll make it to the finals this year? Also I'm pretty sure that it's fine that you send me the show. I know an elder that his family sends him home videos all the time on his email.
As for investigadores, we're still in finding mode, but we have a great investigador named Honorio DaRosa. He is sooo prepared and he always prays with us and we asked him to read from the beginning of the BoM 1st Nephi 1 and he read throught chapter 7! Which is a lot cuz he reads a little slow. He already has a testimony of the BoM and knows it's a book from God. He really loves the plan of salvation because he lost his wife a month agao. Actually we started teaching him before his wife died, and up until then he wasn't really progressing and we we're about to drop him. Now he's doing great and is on his way to baptism! Super excited for him. He's got a fecha for the end of October, but no specific date for now. That's about it for investigadores.
That's about it for this week, I'll try and think of more stuff that I'd like for Christmas. Don't forget to send me pics of when you get a new car or renovations on the house.
Hope all is well and that you are all safe. Know I pray for you all always and Love you all SOOOO MUCH!
Love, Elder Jordan Duke
P.S. Here's pics info
1 flooded street
2 me in my Argentina jersey
3-5 me and elder Petersen in front of the plaza with the Brazil and Argentina Flags
6 my twin! lol no just a stick bug
7 and 8 district pic: Eldesr Velazquez, Vargas, Petersen, Millan, Rutledge, Me and Hermanas Mosmann and Fullmer


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