Friday, July 20, 2012

July 17, 2012: Week 39

Hey everyone, This week was a little weird because of how funny Elder Glenn was. Don´t get me wrong, he warked super hard until the end, just the mornings when we were studying he´d be freaking out. It was kind of funny. We have a lot of great people we´re working with and the area is going good.

First off my new comp is Elder Ruiz from.............Ecuador. Where I don't know, but when I find out I'll tell you. All I know about him is that he's my MTC comp's trainer (Elder Minter) and that he's coming from Artigas.

The investigadores we have are as follows:

Ruben- He's 60 yrs old mas o menos (more or less) and he has problems with smoking and drinking. he only drinks wine though and hates beer, vodka, etc. He's down to 2 cigarettes or 1 a day but he just needs help and a little push to get that last part before his baptism on the 22nd of July.

Alberto(40), Sonia(17) & Tamara(10)- They are the husband and daughters of Marcela (menos activa). They are a really great family and Alberto came to church on Sunday. Sonia is 17 and she is a little bit harder. She likes talking and listening but doesn't seem very interested. Alberto is a for sure baptism though and probably around the beggining of August since the first time he's come to church was this Sunday. Tamara is 10 and likes everything but lives with her dad and is almost never there.

Andrea(35ish), Julio(35ish), Ignacio(Nacho)(14), Juan(10)- This is the family of six. They have another older daughter, 17/18 who lives in Mercedes and 3 younger kids, daughter of 7 and twins, 2 1/2. They are a great family and all are very active in the lessons and want to learn more. The thing with them is they are really shy and so we're trying to work with getting friends for them so they have some one to be with them on Sundays. Also Julio and Andrea aren't married...

Marcos(12) & Kevin(11)- Both friends of Marcelo Gomez (active member) and Oscar, our convert. Marcos is a shew in for baptism and hasn't missed a sunday in almost 3 months. The problem is with his parents who say that he needs to start behaving better at home before he makes that commitment. We are working with him and trying to help remind him to behave at school and home. Kevin is a great kid but his parents are impossible to find. We've tried for a couple weeks to find them. He's been coming pretty much all the time as well.

Janet(50ish)- The mother of the soon-to-be-missionary/ getting baptized this saturday Ezequiel. She still has a few doubts but the big one is that years ago her cousin was trying to invite her to her church and to listen to the sermons and pastors and stuff but she never went. Now she thinks that if she starts coming with us that she'll be going behind the back of her cousin and she is afraid it will ruin the relationship with her. Don't know exactally what to do there but we're praying about it.

That's about it for now on the investigadores. We've found some new people and I'll update you on them if they start progressing.

I'll be sending a bunch of photos to show kind of what's been going down.

Dad going camping with the Scouts! lol, It's hard to imagine that. ;)

I'm glad to know that Sis. Western got my letter. She writes all the time and it's really great to have the support.

Don't worry I'll write Chris, but until the letter gets there tell him I'll kick his butt if he doesn't get back to church. I worked at a grocery store and one that was even tougher about Sundays, I know how it works and it's not hard to get off, at least some of them.

The Branch President is Victor Hugo Gonzalez. His wife is Lilian and they have 4 kids all grown up and living in Argentina. All menos activo as well... He's a good man, but like all people has his faults. He is really brutal sometimes and offends a lot of people, but then again it's because the people here are softies ;)

Make sure to get that message to Elder Jensen!

Emily leaves in 5 weeks! wow........ well have fun with 4 kids in the house.

I love you guys and want you to know that I love my Savior as well! I'm so glad I chose to come on a mission. It's the best! Josh, my brother, I'm doing this mostly for you. You'd better not let me down and miss this once in a life time chance. I expect you to be even more prepared than I was. That means start now, bud. Read scriptures and pray every morning and night. Don't worry though, you don't have to get up at 6:30 every morning ;)

I love you all more than I love Alfajores (a sandwich cookie, shortbread with dulce de leche in the middle), which is a lot!

Love, Elder Jordan Duke



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