Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012: Week 40

Hey fam!

Doing good here, and you guys? This week has been good alot of interesting stuff. First for changes we went down to Colonia and we went around so Elder Glenn could buy recuerdos. Then we were waiting for our new comps and when they showed up my comp wasn't with them. So we called the office and they said that they had to buy a ticket for Elder Ruiz directly to Carmelo. So I had to take a hour and a half bus ride by myself. It was really weird...

Then we met not one but 2 crazy old ladies that were trying to convince us that reincarnation is true.... Really weird and the one said that she saw Jesus and that he was sitting by a river, so she took her grandkids that were with her to go be baptized by Jesus. (at this point I was trying really hard not to laugh...) Then she said that her husband saw her walking towards the guy and freaked out and chased the man into the woods with his guacho knife.(Right there is were I almost lost it and had to look away from her and cover my mouth to keep from laughing). Then not even a day later we ran into another lady that told us that she was going to die and reincarnate into one of her kids. (which makes no sense because her kids are still living...) Then she asked me "If I asked you who/what are you, what would you say?" So I told her that I'm a Son of God. And her response was that I was trying to find who I was outside instead of looking inside. So then I explained to her that I never said I think I said I know and that I wasn't looking for anything because I had already found it. But didn't matter anyway because she just ignored my response and started going off on how we're all just pieces of the universe of something. Really weird.


Ruben- He fell super hard this last week and even went to the point of returning us the books and folletos (pamphlets) we had given him. He was smoking and had drank and told us that he didn't want it anymore. So then we explained how we were there to just help him. and that we didn't come miles and miles to tell him a lie. We asked him to that night say a prayer and ask if this is the right path and if he felt it was then to come to church on sunday. He didn't come.... but were going to pass by today or tomorrow to visit him and see if he prayed or not. We're not giving up on him that easy!

Marcos and Kevin- Still have yet to miss a Sunday in who knows how long. Problem is still with the parents not approving it. Well in Marcos' case anyway. Kevin--we still can't find his parents but were working on it. Both great kids also and are always there every Sunday without fail.

Marcela y Flia- they're doing good. We've had a couple visits with them, but they didn't come to church this sunday. Alberto is leaving for Deo again this week and doesn't return until next week. We're going to get them in the water though for sure.

Janet- No contact this week because she was in Deo for EZEQUIEL'S BAPTISM!! He is such a stud! future missionary right there.

Claudia- no it's not Oscar's mom. We found her on thursday and she is great. She is 40 mas o menos and lives with just 1 daughter of 15. She is a truck driver as her occupation and is gone alot, but she said she was going to take the BOM with her and read it when she travels. Hoping it goes good with them.

We have other great people as well like Marita who we had a great lesson with, and Hna Nubia Bulfo. Also Hno Ferrer is in his house now after his operation on his foot. He's doing good and we are taking him the santa cena until he recovers and can come to church.

That's it for investigadores this week.

I'm positive that Elder Glenn  will learn alot in Spain. I'm glad to know that Elder Glenn thinks that I have a "Rock Solid Testimony." In the end I realized that the assistants do put their pants on one leg at a time....just faster. ;)

Sad thing I don't remember almost any of the names from people in the ward especially the newer people from when we changed the boundaires. I guess it's because I've just been meeting so many new people in such a little time that there isn't room in my brain for all of it. Sorry Bro Chenn and Thomas...

Not surprised that Josh cooked well. I would have loved to have been there. Maybe when I get back they call me into scouts or something, then I could be there with my little bro as his leader. What do you think Josh?

Elder Ruiz is from a city outside of Quito called Ambato. He said it resides in the Quito mission. It's almost literally right in the middle of Ecuador and it sits at the base of a volcano. Mt. Tungurahua. He said that there are missionaries in his ward also.

I love you guys and am so grateful for all the support! Que tengan una buena semana!

Love, Elder Jordan Duke

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