Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 30, 2012: Week 41


How's everyone doing? Me good. This week we met a lot of new people because we are trying to get a bigger investigador pool. We did so many contacts, but sometimes it's fun to do them just to hear some of the responses you get. Like one guy that told me he wasn't interested because he had diferent philisofical beliefs in the creation of the world... I really didn't know what to say in that moment and it didn't really matter because he shut the door right after.

For the Investigadores:

Ruben-...................not good. We are going to have to give him a little time. We went over on saturday to talk to him about his doubts about needing to be baptized a 4th time and he had a bottle of wine half empty in his hand and was really drunk. He also during the lesson was drinking right there in front of us and told us he didn't care. He then told us that he will always be Ruben Efrian Gallardo Casanova and that he'll never change. He told us that he's always been a drinker and smoker and always will be. Also that the true church for him is his Apostolic church that he went to for 20 something years. Knowing that He was drunk we explained to him that we still will be stopping by to see how he's doing, but that as for more than that we're going to wait a little until he decides to put his faith in the Lord and puts forth the effort to drop his vices.

Janet- We had a great lesson with her yesterday. We helped her recognize how she can grow her faith and be able to reach the same level as her son. Her big concern is that she isn't sure she has enough faith to recieve an answer but we are helping her on it.

Marcos and Kevin- Still doing good. They came to church again. Parents of Marcos still say no because he still isn't showing changes of attitude. Kevin's parents are never home and when they are no one answers the door. That's what I mean by we can't find them.

Claudia- Still gone on her truck. She has been keeping us updated on the reading and she is actually reading alot. She says that it helps her. We'll see how it goes when she gets home.

That's so cool that you got to go to all those temples mom! I'm sure it was great. Emily and a 3 day hiking trip don't sound like a great match.. We'll see. lol

I didn't mean to put the account in the negative. I still have money with me I just pulled it out to make a emergency stash thing. oops.

Don't worry, I'll be praying for Mom and you Dad so that you can start working out and get rid of that back (front) problem ;)

The only thing I've seen or heard of the olympics is stuff about Uruguay and Argentina. We heard that the soccer team of Uruguay lost to senegal 2-0. Other that that I have no idea really what's happening.

Michael Phelp's time to shine I think is gone. He's seems to be dying out from what I've heard. Also I agree that that's dumb about the gymnastics. If she's in the top 10 she should compete.

Ya I actually thought Kyle hitting 1 year. That means I'm next...... scary...... I really don't like how fast time is going by.

I definitely want to get that same response from my father in heaven about my mission and I'll do whatever I can to recieve it.

I love you guys and want you all to know that I love this gospel and my Loving Heavenly Father who provided us with this wonderful plan.

Hope you all have a great week and we'll be in touch next week.

Love Elder Jordan Duke

P.S. I sent a letter to Lizzy last week....they take awhile to get there. :)

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