Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012: Week 37

I can't believe that June is already over! Time is going by soo fast! Elder Glenn is getting worried because he leaves on July 18th, which is changes. People always ask him how much time he has in the mission and he hates it, lol! Then they ask me....

The thing I hate the most is when they say "Oh, your Spanish is worse than his, which means that he's been here longer." No Duh. Thanks, Captain obvious... I've kind of just gotten used to it now. Still bugs me a little though.

Anyway, the area is good. We are seeing a lot of miracles out here and we definitely can tell that God hasn't given up on Carmelo, even though sadly a lot think that way. This Sunday we had a small amount of people in the church. We had the friend of Marcelo that plays futbol, Marcos. And the Mom of Ezequiel went to church with him down in Deo (Montevideo). Ruben is doing better and we had a great lesson with him on La Palabra de Sabidurìa (Word of Wisdom), and he dumped out his last bottles of beer and we confiscated his tobacco. He has the desires to follow Christ and change his life. He couldn't come to church though because he had to go to the hospital from an asthma attack. Don't worry, he's alright now. The big family is doing good, still haven't gotten the rest of the family to church but we're working on it with them. We also found another family with 6 kids. They are super great and we are going to do all possible to get them to church.

Last night we were at the Branch President's house to give his wife the Santa Cena (Sacrament) and a blessing because she has missed church for almost a month from problems with diabetes. We had a nice time and we set up a noche de hogar (family night) with them and some of their friends who they want to know the gospel. Hope it goes well. Also one of their neighbors found their cat that had been missing for a few weeks. It was kind of weird how emotional they were, but I was happy for them. We also ran all the way across the city to get some cans of tuna that we had at the house. First time I've ran in a long time, and it was SUPER humid so it was hard to breathe.

WOW! I can't believe that marching season is almost over! I swear it just started....I mean thought, I can't swear.... ;)

How are the kids liking it. Looks like it's getting pretty hot up there. Here has been weird, it's supposed to be cold but we've been having a weird heat wave and it's like we're in summer also.

Mason is home? No me digas! (You don't say!) And Bean gets home in a month? Craziness! Mason went to a "Spanish" speaking mission right? How is his spanish? Mas o menos? I'm doing alright in Spanish, I understand pretty much everything now and I definitely speak better. For some reason, I can write Spanish better than I can speak it. No sè. (I don't know.)...the accent button is screwed up on this computer, I know it's supposed to be the other way.

About then money, I plan on saving it. I want to save it to have some when I get home and also to buy some souveneirs before I leave. Definitely not going to buy some every week though. I pulled some out because I had literally 0 and we couldn't turn in reembolsos (reimbursements) because we went to the hospital instead of District Meeting. But it's all good now and we got our money for the month today.

Funny thing about that First Presidency address, I am in the middle of my mission! Sort of. But I like what it says, when I first started I was like that and was scared to talk, now I just come in more naturally and I feel alot better about the lessons when I give my part and my testimony.

I'm glad that Josh (Jensen) says hi, Is he nervous to be leaving in 2 days? I'm sure he's not half as bad as his mom ;) Give him this note. and don't translate it for him he has to figure it out. "Suerte Elder, tu misiòn serà una de las bendiciones mas grande que vas a tener en tu vida. No te preocupes, el español vendrà con tiempo. Bienvenidos al Ejercito de Dios!"

I love you guys and am happy to hear that being out here is helping to bless our family. I want you to all know that I consider Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father my best friends. I love them and am very happy to be able to represent Christ each day as I put on that name tag. I know this is the Church of Christ and that through living it we will recieve the greatest gift that God has for us, Eternal Life.

I love you all TONS!!!

Elder Jordan Duke

P.S. I'm going to attach some pics as well

1. A funny sign at a burrito place in Ciudad Vieja in Montevideo.

2-4. Us cooking by ourselves for lunch...scary I know. ;)

5&6. Ciudad Vieja (Old City), Montevideo.

7&8. Elder's Glenn, Salmond, Pineda and me at a burrito place in Montevideo

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