Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012: Week 56

So sorry to throw you off with my last headline. Changes are next week... The 20th. Also I don't know if you saw, but I'd like some pics from Halloween and the house and around where we live. People always ask what it's like where we live. Pics with snow would be awesome also.

Thanks for the PIN. We went to the bank and I put in my personal card then realized that I didn't have PIN. All good though my card from the mission already came and I bought a new wallet. I'm sure that I'll get my Christmas package before Christmas. It takes about 3-4 weeks so all's good.

HAHAHA. Sarah with braces. Definitely need a picture of that too. Lo siento (sorry) mucho Sarah.. suerte (good luck).

That's soo cool that Scott and his wife are going on a mission. Is it Neuquén? That's the farthest south I know of the misions there in Argentina. So what are they gonna do while Scott is gone? Does it affect you?

What great news. (Told Jordan about a friend in Oregon who is planning on being baptized.) That's cool to hear that a old friend is embracing the gospel in his life. I'm happy for him. That's really great news.

Awesome to hear about all the people leaving for missions. We are going to be super old when the new missionaries start coming in....21 compared to 18....  Really Cree is going on a mission? I thought she'd be married before that. Guess not. ;)

The investigadores are doing great. Estela still has fecha for the 24th. She is a little uncertain but has a lot of faith and two awesome missionaries to help her, lol. The mombers are a big help and have already accepted her as one of their own. Gilberto is slowly marching. Didn't come to church this Sunday and after we found him at his house drunk. We're just going to keep inviting him and let The Lord work on him.

Yep, 2 really short paragraphs to Lizzy but still that is a record. LOL! Tell Emily to stop being a slacker with the writing. I get one from her once every 3-4 week.

I love you guys and hope you all have a great week. I'll tell you how the changes go next week. Don't forget to send the pics.

Elder Jordan Duke

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