Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20, 2012: Week 57

Hey Dad, Mom and Kids!

This week was good, we had some interesting times and also had success. This was the last week of the change so now there's changes. Elder Petersen se va a Salto! My new comp is another from Utah, Elder Woolston. He has about 5 months left in the mission. I think he's from South Jordan. He's a really cool guy. I know him from Colonia. It's funny because the mission is so old now with a lot more people that are leaving soon then coming in. Most of us aren't going up to senior comp till like 9th or 10th change. It doesn't really bother me though, less stress really.

Still not much new going on. Estela couldn't come to church this last week which made is a little worried. She is starting to be a little iffy so we're praying for her a lot. Also we did find an old investigador from Barrio 1, but she isn't married and her husband doesn't want it. Just living together is the way to go here....

Gilberto keeps going strong to church. He set himself a date for baptism for the beginning of January. If he keeps it up and gets rid of his vices he can do it. He has been coming to church for a good month now.

Lol, try those Isaiah Chapters in Spanish! It makes even less sense. I've already the BoM in Spanish BTW and I'm on D&C 97 right now. I'm going to read the new testament after. The Old Testament, maybe....lol! It's so great to know that he is getting baptized! Super Awesome! Keep being a great missionary Dad! (Dad had nothing to do with my friend getting baptized....I've just answered a few questions for him.  He was meeting with the missionaries long before I knew about it.)

Thanks for the pics also! Now the people will understand what I mean when I say I live in the middle of nowhere in a desert :)

When I get back it will snow so much that we'll be snowboarding all year long! That would be awesome! Ya.

Speaking of letters, I got one from Brittany Hanks but I have no way to respond. Would you mind sending me her address. Thanks.

Also tell Hno Cable "Hi."

I've thought alot about this last year and even though numbers wise in baptisms and all it doesn't look like I've had sucess I feel like I've had a really good time here in the mission and have taken advantage of every moment. I am doing good with the language and get comments on how well I speak all of the time. It's weird to think that I have only 11 months left but I feel like I've used it well. I hope to accomplish a lot here including helping others get converted. I definitely see myself using Spanish when I get home....especially to have "secret"conversations with Dad, lol!

I love you guys and hope you all have a great week, we'll be talking in a month!

Elder Jordan Duke

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