Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012: Week 55

So to start off. I got everything back including the drivers license and my social security. I have my personal card but still not the one from the mission. I got the packages I think.... Were they the ones with peanut butter and nutella and jolly ranchers? if so then yes i got them. If not then no.

This week was really good! We had people in church!!!!

First Estela: She is super prepared! The only issue is her husband is crazy and hates anything to do with God or religions. She is super great though and came to curch anyway and got a lot of support from the members. She getting baptized for sure. She has fecha for the 24th of this month for now.

Also Gilberto came. He doesn't really progress but there's nothing wrong with him coming to church.

Lastly Carlos the husband of a recent convert named Maria came. He's really dificult and hates when he's pushed to do something so we're taking it easy with him too. We're already starting to see changes in him. I think soon he'll accept and join his wife as a member.

I'm sooo hapy to hear that the Kids did great in MB at BOAs!! SUPER AWESOME! Sounds like they did good and had fun also. Well little side note.... I won't miss the next end of season... It feels weird to be this far. I never thought I'd be here and yet, here I am.

No one will ever be as good as the "black sax brigade." We were the bomb! LOL! I think it's cool that Mango asked Lizzy to play sax. Well we'll see how the sax section is next year.

SO cool that they're going to have a drum line in middle school!! Josh is going to rock!! Sad that He didn't make the basketball team, but as you always said you can't teach height... Just grow a little Josh! LOL! We'll hope you're all having a good week and I'd love some pics of Halloween, and send me some pics of what it looks like where we live, like the house and just the landscape in general. People always ask about stuff like that.

I love you guys!
Elder Jordan Duke

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