Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013: Week 83

First off, sorry mom. I write more spanish emails, for now..;) lol! Well, I'm glad to hear that you're all doing good and that you're enjoying your time without me, lol! Just kidding I'm just glad to hear that you're all doing good. About the letters it's not really that surprising that they got missent that seems to happen too often here.. but anyway I'll get on to the week.
It was one of those weeks that should have disanimated (Spanglish for "depressed") us alot, but it didn't. Only because we still have to good things to think about and look forward to. It also helps to just see the blessings around you that you do have instead of searching for the ones you want. So this week as you probably already guessed didn't go so well. It started off with a lot of stuff falling through. Then we lost a couple if investigators, because their Mom doesn't want us to pass by, which is sad because she is a member of the church. But there is still a good side and we still have Juan Pedro, who will be getting baptized either Saturday or Sunday, depending on when he gets back from work.
There is an interesting story that happened to us yesterday that's great! So we went to the house of some investigators to pick them up for church and we clapped which is the custom here. The hijo enfermo (sick child) answered the door and just stood there for a sec. So we decided to enter in the gate and knock on the door. The Mom, whose a member, opened the door and yelled at us to go away. She was screaming "Vayanse, Vayanse! Son tan pesados!" (Go away! Go away! You're annoying me!) We tried to tell her that we just wanted to talk to find out what the problem was and she slammed to door and went inside, or so we thought.. She really went out the back and told her neighbor that we were bothering her and she told him to make us leave. So he came out yelling at us and threatening us. We of course at first didn't realize he was talking to us, but then he went back in the house and came out with a machete! He was swinging it around and yelling at us threatening to hurt us if we didn't leave. We didn't leave, so he put the machete down, luckily, and came out the gate and came up to us swearing and pushed Elder Lamb looking for a fight. We just told him that we didn't want any problems and we turned around and left. It was super scary, but at the same time I felt calm because I knew that God would protect us. That story pretty much sums up the week in a nutshell.
So I'm glad to hear again that your week was better. Josh looks super cool playing the drumset! You rock man! Emily, good luck with work, sounds like it would be rough.
The Zone Conference was great! Pte and his wife gave their "dying" testimonies, which was a little trunky and emotional. We talked alot about the obedience and the scripture in 3 Nephi 27:27 "What kind of men ought ye to be?...Even as I am." I also learned a great lesson from an Elder that President put in his weekly letter that I'd like to share.
"En las conferencias de zona un elder dijo algo en su testimonio que me impactó. En su testimonio dijo que estaba poniendo excusas por su desanimo y razones por falta de éxito. Un Elder presente le dijo, ¨Deje de ser victima, no ponga excusas¨. Dios no nos da el espíritu de esperanza y fe. El es todopoderoso y si pedimos con fe el nos dará los deseos justos de nuestro corazon.... Nosotros no debemos ser victimas pero creyentes del amor y del poder de Dios; que El ama a nosotros y sabe lo que esta pasando en nuestra vida. Si somos obedientes por lo largo plazo todo saldrá bien. Tal cómo paso con José cuando sus hermanos lo vendió para Egipto, debemos someternos a la voluntad de Dios, siempre guardando los mandamientos y en el fin recibiremos las bendiciones de Dios."
In English:
"In the zone conference an elder in his testimony said something that struck me. In his testimony he said he was making excuses for his discouragement and reasons for lack of success. An Elder had told him, ¨ Stop being a victim, do not make excuses ¨. God gives us the spirit of hope and faith. He is all powerful and if we ask in faith he will give us the desires of our heart .... we should not be victims but believe in the love and power of God, that He loves us and knows what is happening in our lives. If we are obedient long term it will all work out. Such as what happened to Joseph when his brothers sold him to Egypt, we must submit to the will of God, always keeping the commandments to receive the blessings of God. "
I love you guys and I know that this church is true. There is nothing better in this life and Nothing that will bless us more. No where else can we find the blessings of an eternal family and hope for eternal life with God.
I love you all tons!
Elder Jordan Duke

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