Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013: Week 84

Hi fam!
To start off I was going to ask you if you could resend the package that you sent first, with the PB and the chips, salt and vinegar... how ever you spell that...because it never came... the others got here though so no worries. Also when I was waiting for my glasses to come I ran out of fluid for my contacts and it was just during a holiday season so I couldn't buy more. Story short I don't have any more contacts because I had to use a pair per day. I was wondering if you could just send another pack of each eye in the package with the PB and stuff.
Also for some reason I have been having the thoughts of communicating with Jake Buntjer. I was wondering if you could find his email for me and send it to me. 
Well, this week was great! It was a miracle, record breaking week for me, not that numbers are what I'm after it just was great to see it after a week of hard work. We found 21 new people this week and were really busy with lessons. I feel so much better when we in houses all day, not because were staying too long but because we really had a lot of people to teach. The work is moving forward in Tranqueras and I'm happy to be a part of it.
So the baptism of Juan Pedro fell through, but he's still getting baptized on the 8th of June. We found out after his interview that he had been drinking the day before. So we talked to him and helped him realize the seriousness of what he's going to do by being baptized and he understood and together we came up with a plan and a new fecha that he can work towards. We also had success with seeing some menos activos come to church after a long time of inactivity.
So guess what, Elder Nephi Gomez left the CCM early and he came to Rivera! He's in my district also. Well for 1 week at least, but I've been with him all day talking about what's going on back home. It's been a little! 
I'm super proud of you guys for that! I'm glad to hear that your working together towards a good thing. I'll be praying for you and wish you luck! I don't know if I can join you on the don't drink pop for at least a little after I get home. I just can't see a Dr. Pepper after 2 years and not drink it...too hard.
I really wouldn't care about what we do after, if we're back on a plane or car for a trip. All I care about is seeing my family again and I think a family trip would be great to be able to spend time with just you guys.
I love you all and want you to know as always that this gospel is true. I love every minute I've been out here and I really am happy for the time I've had to serve. As I put in my journal a few days ago. "I don't regret or take back any of my time here." It's really been the best experience of the life.
I love you all and I hope your week goes well!
Elder Jordan Duke

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