Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013: Week 88

TO start off, no I'm not better than you were, Dad....I already mentioned to Elder Ramos that I had less weeks left than he had months ;)...but it's alright. Some of the best missionaries I knew where a little trunky. You just gotta work hard when you need to be working and really during the day out working you don't even think about home at all. There's no time to.
I'd love to try to get in to USU if it's possible and it might be better if I have to wait until summer to be able to save up a little more money. Also I'd love to have an Appplication put in for me when you can.
I'll know tomorrow if the packages came or not, most likely but if not no worries it usually takes between 3 to 4 weeks.
This week was great! It was a little different because we had a zone meeting and the goodbye of Pres. Heaton so we didn't get into Bella Union to work until Friday, but it ended great because Karen along with 3 others from the other Elders here were baptized! Yes I'm sending pictures ;)
Also all is good with Soledad, Gabriela and Agustin, we have a lesson with them today and they are progressing really well. I always feel the Spirit strongly when we have lessons in their house.
Ramona and Romina are there still, Ramona still struggling with the cigarettes, she isn't showing much will power and desire to quit, but we're being patient with her. Romina still is doing good, but didn't go to church because she was up until 5 am at the birthday party of her sister..
We had a miracle this week also. A joven (young man) out of no where walked in during the baptismal service and asked if He could watch. Of course we said yes and when we talked to him after he asked what he had to do to be baptized. He came to church on Sunday and is really great. We set up a lesson with him today. His name is Enzo by the way and I really feel that he is a prepared person.
WOW! I don't even recognize the house! It'll be like we moved when I get back! I like it though, very classy ;) lol, I have no idea why I said that it's just what popped into my head at the moment.. Emily looked great too on the float! Congrats Em!
Well, love you guys and I love the chance I get every week to write you. I hope you all have a good week and that the Lord guides you in all you do!
I love you guys tons!
Elder Jordan Duke
Elders Lopez, Larson, Delgado, Duke and Simpson.

Elders Duke and Ramos with Kevin, Maria, Emanuel and friend from Barrio Bella Union.

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