Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013: Week 95

Well how is everyone doing? We are doing really good here. Especially after this last Sunday. We had a lot of success. Rosa, Agustin, Nicolas, and Ana, the daughter of a menos activo family, all came to church. Soledad was sick and Gabriela wasn't home so they didn't come, but now that Agustin and Soledad have gone it will be easier to help them come again and get Gabriela with them. Rosa came and she loved it. She told us in a lesson that we had after that she wants to "Convince" her husband Hugo to come and with him and their daughter Sofia who is 11. The family of Ana has been inactive for a little more than a year and surprised everyone in the ward by showing up to church. We talked to them after and they said that Ana had decided that she wanted to be baptized and that they were going to support her and come back to church. Really excited. I know that little miracle is an answer to our prayers to be able to find people who are prepared and ready to be baptized. 

We have a goal of 10 in church for next week and it's going to be a little bit of a challenge especially since it's a holiday here, but we have the faith and the names and we know that we can do it. Everyone we teach is really great and all are progressing and show interest, some a little more than others, but all have real desires to learn.

Fabian and Ricardo seem to have flaked out. It's sad to see, but we know that at least we could plant that seed and maybe one day they'll accept.

Sounds like everyone is getting ready to start scool. I can't believe that the summer is already almost over! Time is going by so fast! This Wednesday I give my last testimony in Zone Conference. My comp gives his first ;) He's going to do great, probably give the best testimony of the greenies ;) not bragging or anything but my comp is a stud! 

Haha, I laughed when I read the story about Sarah's first date! lol! I imagined Dad throwing her over his shoulder and all that and it sounded like quite the adventure. Sarah has her license? Well we'll see how much of the car is left when I get home ;) lol jk. I'm sure she drives fine....if it's better then Emily it's ok, lol!

Wel,l I am glad to hear that all is well and that everyone is doing good and enjoying life. Remember to always rely on the Lord and He will help you. I know that He is there and that He listens. My testimony of prayer has really grown here in the mission and I don't know what I would do with out a prayer in the morning and night. God really does answer prayers and He answered mine. Before this change started I had been praying that if it was His will that he allow me to train. I always wanted to and this would have been my last chance. When I received my change and they told me, I was happy and grateful and determined to do all that I could to show God how grateful I was that he gave me this chance, so I'm doing all I can to help Elder Watts become the best missionary he can and to go strong until the end and make these the best 2 months of my mission.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week! This church is true and we can be happy only through obedience to it's teaching.

Tons of Love,

Elder Jordan Duke

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  1. We love you Elder Duke! Thanks for being the best companion and trainer parents could hope for for Zach's first companion in the field. We love your blog and hearing about your successes and adventures. I am so thankful you wanted to be training to finish up your mission and I can appreciate how that keeps you off the "trunky track". We love your enthusiasm and fortitude when it comes to pressing on in the work of the Lord. We are so glad Zach was assigned to you so make him the best missionary he can be. Love to you and your family for such a wonderful blog also. They can check out Zach's at Wishing you everything good!