Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013: Week 97

So it's just hitting me that I'm going in to my last change.... I don't want it to be over so soon.. No time to think about that though, because we have too much to think about in the work. A lot of people are progressing and some should be getting baptized soon if all goes well. Sofia and Ana should be getting baptized on the 7th of September. Sofia is the daughter of Rosa and Hugo, Rosa has fecha for the 21st of September, but has to get married before she can be baptized. We haven't been able to talk to Hugo about it yet, but tomorrow we set up a lesson where he is there and we can talk about it with him. I'm sure she can get baptized and that God can soften the heart of Hugo to accept getting married.
We had a great experience with Rosa as well where we got her to finally pray with us. She never wanted to and we were thinking about what to teach her and we thought of sharing lesson 1 and the story of Joseph Smith and how she can have an experience just as powerful as his with prayer. of course she wasn't going to see angels or God, but the feeling would be just as profound. She accepted to pray after the lesson and gave one of the most heartfelt prayers i think I've heard in the mission thus far. After she said that she felt much better and since then hasn't had problems with saying the prayer.
We have only one new change. Elder Rodriguez left and Elder Gutierrez from Chile is coming to be comps with Elder Mendoza. It's always interesting changes time, though up here in Bella Union we don't hear much of anything. We're a little bit islated or aislated however you spell it.
Glad to hear that Josh is getting a drum set. I put one of my goals to learn the drum set. knowing that you'd buy him one before I got home ;) Sounds like everyone is about as excited as usual for school. Emily: mixed feelings, Kaili: normal I think, maybe a little scared about being a senior, Sarah: good a lot of boredom, Josh: a little bummed out and bored, but super excited to be playing the drums, and Lauren: just overjoyed as always ;)
I hope you all do good in school and get good grades! When I get home I'm going to challenge you all to a "who gets the best grades contest!" I'm sure that I can win ;)
I love you all and want you to know that I know that this church is true. I love this gospel and the work that I'm in. I've come to love the people of Uruguay and I'm sad that my time here is almost up. I know that they will all be fine without me though and life moves on. I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Jordan Duke


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