Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013: Week 96

How's everyone doing? It's great to hear from you again and I love hearing about all that's going on. Sounds like you had a crazy week! A family reunion, Alex's wedding, and school shopping. It sounds like you're almost as busy as me and Elder Watts ;) lol! but seriously we're busy people.
It was really weird getting up in front of all the missionaries and realizing that they were looking at me like some wise, all knowing oldy that has tons of experience and was going to give them the secret to success. I don't even remember what I said, but I know that the spirit was there and I loved hearing all the other testimonies. Besides me, Elder Webster from my group was there and we talked after about how our missions had gone and how we had both changed a lot from the beginning.
Well me and Elder Watts had a great week and it all ended with another great week in church. We had 4 people come and the assistance (attendance..."asistir" means "to attend" in Spanish...Elder Duke is mixing his languages... ;) ) of members was higher than it has been in the last month or two.
Agustin was able to come again which was great to have him there. He is definitely progressing a little faster than his sisters but all are doing well. The girls Soledad and Gabriela went to a friend/family's birthday party and ended up staying there so they didn't go.
Rosa came again also and this time came with her whole family, menos her husband Hugo, we are working with her and she came to the baptism on saturday of a girl from the other missionaries and she asked us what she needs to do to get baptized. Of course we were happy to explain to her what she needed to do and she has been progressing even more since. Her daughter Sofia also came for the 2nd time.
Ana, the daughter of a family who is just reactivating, also came and she wants to be baptized as well. We are going to start focusing on her more that before, because she has all the support and knows everything already. She could very well get baptized the end of this month.
All in all we had a great week and even though we missed a couple of days for traveling and other things the Lord blessed us and we were able to help a lot of people come one step closer to our Heavenly Father. I know that this church is true and I am grateful for the time I have to serve him. This time in the mission has taught me a lot and I've grown a lot spiritually, not so much physically. Wasn't the best at doing effective exercises...but I'm glad for every minute I've had here to serve and I wouldn't change it for anything.
I'm glad that I have you guys as my family and I couldn't ask for better. Thank you and all in the ward and everyone that I know for all the prayers and support. I love you all tons and I hope that your week is filled with many great memories and blessings!
Elder Jordan Duke

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