Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013: Week 99

First off I haven't recieved the flight info yet, but it should be here in the bolsa tomorrow. Hopefully.....
Well this week was great! It ended super well with the baptisms of Ana and Sofia. Elder Watts baptized Sofia and Ana's dad baptized her. It was great to see the two girls enter into the waters of baptism. Elder Watts did good too and only had to do the baptism twice. Wasn't even his fault, her hair didn't go under the first time. Yes I'm sending pictures ;)
Also we had a miracle and one of the most spiritual moments in my mission, if not the most spiritual. It all started with an Hermana that gave us a reference of her brother named Cristian. She told us that he was athiest and that he never had thought of God and religion in his life. We went with her to meet him and set up a lesson. The lesson of L1 (The Restoration) went super well and the whole time he was just nodding his head and had a smile on his face. We got to the part of Joseph Smith and the vision and he was just fascinated about it all. When we told him that he could have that faith and be able to recieve an answer to his doubt, whether God exists or not, and that he could receive an answer, like Joseph Smith did, he was surprised. The spirit told us to ask him to offer the last prayer and very calmly we asked him to say it and he accepted. We got on our knees and he gave a very heartfelt prayer and when he finished his eyes met mine and they were wet with tears starting. My comp and I confirmed his feelings as an answer from God and he told us that he had never thought in his life that he would pray let alone feel what he felt after. I don't think I've ever felt the spirit more strongly in my whole mission than I did at that moment. The spirit bore witness to the three of us that God is real and he is watching and cares for all of us. I realized that even in situations that may seem a little hard or even impossible to make something happen, that even then, miracles happen. Because with God nothing is impossible. Now Cristian is super excited for our next lesson where we plan on giving him a "special Gift", BoM, that will help him grow his newly aquired faith in God.

The rest of the investigators are going good. Agustin couldn't come this week, but he hasn't missed a
Sunday in almost 5 weeks. His sisters still have problems with going to dances on saturday night and we are working with them to see that it's better to be in church than do those things.
We also found Natalia, who is the sobrina of an Hermana in the ward. She is really great and has already read almost half of 1st Nephi. The great thing is she also remembers what she read. Which is a relief because I hear all the time that answer of ya I read, but I don't remember anything...of course most of those times it's because they didn't actually read. We set up another lesson with her and commited her to pray and ask if the things she are reading are true. I really feel that she has real intent and is trying to learn more.

Elder Watts is doing amazing really. Everyone, members and missionaries, are super surprised at how fast and well he is learning the language. I can't take any credit either. He is just really determined and at every hour available he is studying more and asking how to say things. I'm sure that he will be fluent, or close to it by the time he finishes. He is really the best comp that I could ask for at this time in the mission and I love serving with him.

Great to hear that everything is going well in Utah. Crazy that it's raining so much. Here it hasn't rained for almost 2 weeks and the weather is super hot and humid and it feels like it's the summer, supposed to be winter here.... Today it's at 34 degrees Celsius! Which is around 93-94 degrees fahrenheit! (I had to look up that word to know how to spell it...:))

BYU beat Texas?! WOOT!!!!! Now if they could just keep it up for the rest of the year it will be a great year. Seahawks, cool I! They're probably a lot better than the Eagles anyway, but I already chose my team and I can't be a bandwagonner.

I'm totally going to ask Emily how Logan is, both of them ;) I'm glad to hear that she is doing better this semester and that she got a great job. I wonder myself how she always get the jobs like that. I'm jealous. Also happy to hear that the other kids are doing good. Josh's drumset is awesome!

I love you guys and want you all to know that I know that this church is true. I have grown closer to my Savior throughout the time here and I now more than ever can testify of his love and care for us. I've had so many testimony builder moments in these 2 years and I've loved every minute of it. I love you all and hope that you have a great week!
Elder Jordan Duke

P.S. The pics are the baptisms and a fire of the sugar cane in Bella Union being burnt.



  1. Dear Duke family,
    We love your son! We feel so blessed to have Zach assigned to him and to have him prepare and train Z to do and be the best missionary he can. You should be so proud of him.

    Chris Watts

    1. Chris,

      We are proud of him and also of Elder Watts. He has done much to keep Jordan moving in the right direction as he finishes up his mission. We would certainly love to have you be here in Eagle Mountain when Jordan comes home so that you can meet him. I'm sure he would love that.

      Dave Duke