Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012: Week 12

To start off yes I got a Christmas Package from the family ( I don`t know if there is more than one) but the one from the ward is still not here. I might not even get it... SO this week started off really good! We found 5 new investigadores in the first 2 days! They`re all really great people. Only problem is they`re all too lazy to come to church. That`s one of the biggest problems about Uruguay, the people are always really lazy. We have people tell us they can`t come to church because it`s raining....... and they make up stuff about their blood pressure. It`s super annoying but there is nothing we can do except try our best to explain the wonderful blessing that come from attending church. Florencia didn`t come to church either :( so we had to move her baptism date to the 28th of Enero. We didn`t have a single investigator at church again. We have yet to have one show up either. It`s really sad, because we know that they all know they should come and they tell us that they believe our message is true, some even say "I Know", but they still won`t come... On the upside we got ahold of an ex-investigador, Hugo. We brought Hermano Antunez from the ward to the lesson. We were talking about commandments and the subject of tithing got thrown out. He expressed his concern that he couldn`t pay because he only got 4000 pesos a month (That`s about $200 US). And he didn`t see how he could get by with Tithing, house payments, medical, and all that. Then Hno Antunez stopped him, because he started geting angry about it, and he then bore his testimony about tithing. He explained that he lives with his wife and they also have to pay extra for phone service, because he uses a special phone for blind people that reads his messages to him, and how they have alot of things that need to be paid. But they always pay their tithing first and it blesses their lives. He also explained that he makes only about 2500-3000 pesos a month. Yet they still maange with 2 people and extra bills for medical. That really hepled Hugo understand the importance and that it is possible. After that he didn`t have big doubts about tithing. 

Well thats about it for my week. How are you guys? Emily doing track?? I never thought I'd see the day (And I never will haha ;) ok that was lame I know). But I can see Sarah being competitive. She's the only ahtletic girl in the family....... I was glad to hear that Josh is doing good in basketball and his first shot "Busted his confidence" according to Mom's letter ;) Tell Kaili I think she should be Poison Ivy because she has Red Hair. I think she does anyway... Tell Lauren I want to hear her play when I get home so she'd better keep up with it. I sent a letter to Mom and Dad and Kaili I also put my Letter to Chris Pedroza in the same envelope, because I couldn`t remember his address. I`d love to get if from you if I could. I thought it was 1850 Cedar Street, but I'm not sure.

I still haven`t gotten Tywahn's letter but I got a couple from Sister Conger and Sister Merrick. I also haven't gotten any from the you guys but I problably will start getting them tomorrow in the bolsa. Also random question.

We I don`t have much time, because I have to write my letter to the President, But here is my testimony.

Sè que Dios y Jesucristo vive y nos aman. Sè sin duda que El Libro de Mormòn es un libro verdadero. Sè que Josè Smith viò a Dios y a Jesucristo en el Arboleda Sagrada y que por medio de Josè Smith, Jesucristo estableciò su Iglesia en la tierra para que los hijos de Dios puedan recibir las bendiciones que nuestro Padre Celestial quiere dar a nosotros. Amo a Jesucristo y estoy agredecido por sus sufrimientos en el jardìn de Gethsemane. 

I love you all so much,

Elder Jordan Duke  

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