Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 30, 2012: Week 15

I can't believe that i've already gone through a whole change! I've still got 15 more, and I can't wait! I'm still with Elder Atkinson. We have a new Zone Leader and a new AP. I don't know either of them so ya. 

So that's awesome that the Jazz are doing so good. 

Tell the Olsons I say Hi, and tell Dayna she is slacking on the letters ;) 

That's cool that you'll be working with your old mission friend! Way to go breaking the car! lol! I'll pray for your back to get better though. Letter's wise, the DearElder letter didn't come but a couple others from new Years form you and mom came. When they do come it's awesome so keep writing and maybe the mail will catch up. One more random thing. There are some members and investigadores here who have tried to find me on Facebook and they told me they can't add me. I would very much appreciate it if you changed the settings so they can. Then you can get to know them a little too. And some have Pics and stuff the want to post, so please change the setting to let people "Friend" me. Thank you.

About the mission. We've had rice for like 2 weeks straight!! It's starting to get hard to finish. And here they make you eat at least 2 plates before you leave. Then they give you a huge bowl of icecream or some kind of weird Dulce (dessert). I literally got half of a 13 Kilo Watermelon one time! I finished it too but that created some issues for like 3 days after. So don't be surprised if I weigh a little bit more that I did when I left. Actually a lot of Elders that come to this mission leave bigger than before. 

About our Investigadores. We have 3 who now regularly come to church, but none of them want a fecha (date) until they receive their answer. So now we're working with them to help them either recognize it when it comes or realize they've already recieved it. One of them has a big issue with Repentance. She doesn't feel worthy to be baptized, because about 2 months ago she tried to commit suicide. She is having a hard time forgiving herself for that so were working with her on that, other than that our other Investigadores just simply need more time. Also we had to drop the guy with the issue with tithing because he wouldn't keep his commitments and he didn't want to pray to know about tithing, entonces (so or then) we had to stop going by as often. We still go by about once a week, but not much.

I hope your all doing really well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA!!!!!!  You're so old...13!!! I love you all do good in work and school and I'll see you in 2 years!

Elder Jordan Duke

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