Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 23, 2012: Week 14

So I just realized that I've been in Uruguay for a month now. Time is going by really fast. I still feel like I just left the house and it's been 3 months since then. I'm doing super good and loving it! I've got a list of things that I want to talk about so here it goes. 

I have 2 stamps left so I'm in in dire need of more. (check)  Now some questions. Me and Elder Atkinson can't remember the teams in the NBA so send me a list of all the teams in just one of your e-mails if you could. 3rd Where are the updates? I gotta know how the Jazz are doing and it was lame that I had to find out who is going to the superbowl from my comp ;) but now that I know who is in it, I don't even care. (Good!)  Giants and lame. (True!) Ravens and 49ers would have made a sick superbowl! But I still want to know how it went. (I think our son needs to concentrate of other things and leave the world behind a little more... ;) )

Also if your planning on sending any packages soon i would be the happiest person alive if I found some PB and Nutella in it *Hint*Hint* (check) Also about stuff you put on bread...The jam was delicious!! (Lizzy and Bro. Davis will be glad to hear that.) It's already gone!

Also about packages and letters. Did Chris ever get his letter from me? If yes tell him he better respond. Also Have the kids been getting their letters from me? Also I got Tywahn and the cousins letters.  I'll write them back sometime. As soon as I have stamps. I only have enough stamps for Mom and Dad's letter and Lauren's.

This week was alright. We started off really slow and we only found 2 people this week...... but on the upside we had someone come to church finally! :):):):):) It was the first investigador we've had in church since I've started, so I was super happy. She doesn't have a date yet, because she says she wants to be sure she "Knows" before she accepts a date.

The rest of our investigadores are doing good. They just need to come to church now... 

How is the family doing? How's school? The ward? How is regular life? Seen any good new movies lately? what about music? I'm pretty sure I have the soundtrack to The Lion King memorized now, because we can only listen to church and Disney music. It's cool though. 

I love you all and miss you! Thanks for all the prayers, they really help a lot!

Elder Jordan Duke

P.S. Elder Atkinson says, quote "Your sister (Emily) can write me." 

(To which Emily responded..."Sure!" And she has already written and sent a letter to Elder Atkinson.  Big surprise, huh?) 

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