Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012: Week 13

Hows everyone doing? It's been great out here! besides the fact that we still haven`t had a single person come to church since I`ve been here....... It's really frustrating sometimes but what can you do. We can't force them to come to church. So any possibility of getting a baptism these next few weeks is gone. Were still working hard and we found 8 new people last week. 

So, if I'm sending pictures I'd better get some too. Like Emily`s graduation and just whatever other pics you feel like sending would be nice. Also I've sent a letter to Emily, Kaili and Sarah and I'm writing Josh's today. Lauren is next week. Also did Chris get his letter I sent him. Tywahn's letter still hasn't come, maybe tomorrow. 

About money, we gett 3300 pesos a month I don`t know how much that is in dollars, and we're going to a museum attraction place next P-day, so if you can put some extra money in my personal for souveneirs that would be great.

So about our investigators. We have about 9 or 10 we're pushing for the 4th of February, since no one came to church this week...
They`re all doing really well. Hugo is worrying less about tithing and he is really progressing. We found a new lady and her daughter, Lilian and Veronica. They are both very humble and willing to learn. Lilian even attempted a prayer our first visit. Florencia still won`t come to church and she has no reason not to. We are really sad, but we might have to "drop her" until she is ready to actually commit. SO we have a lot of possibilites for the beginning of February, so were looking up for a good week there.

How is everyone doing? Emily still chasing boys? ;) How's life? Is Emily scared for graduation? I kind of was.....sort of......not really.

I don`t have much time left so I'll end with my testimony

I know that my Savior and God live and that they love me and everyone on this earth. I know that because he loves us, he restored the gospel on the earth through Joseph Smith. I know that we now have a Prophet on the earth today who leads and guides us. I'm am very grateful to know that because of the Savior and his atonement I can live with my family forever in eternal happiness. I know that this church is the true church of God and that if we live by it's teachings we can return to our Father in Heaven after this life.

I love you guys and miss you!
Love Elder Jordan Duke

P.S. Can I get Levi's Address for Guatemala from you guys, I sent a letter to Kyle but didn't realize till now I still don't have Levi's Address.

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