Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012: Week 60

Hey family,

So I'll start off answering questions. I'm ok with what ever color the glasses are as long as they work. And I'm fine with the contacts for now. I can wait. Elder Woolston was happy to read the part about a package for him. I won't forget to send a letter I'll probably write it today after this.

So this week was a relief. We had someone in church. I was super happy because lately we've been struggling in that aspect. It's a lady named Adriana who we've worked with in the past, but now she is able to get baptized because her boyfriend is going to leave, so she won't be living with someone. He's not a good guy anyway and she wants him to leave. She told us about some horrible stuff that he's done to her and I'm happy for her really. He's not a bad guy, he just has made mistakes...alot.

We are going to have a lot of great investigadores this week. And we have a lot to find because we've received a ton of references and of people that have already gone to church and want to listen to us. To me it looks like the turn around point of Barrio 2 in Artigas. I'm super happy and we're going to help turn Artigas around. With the Lord's help, of course.

It's sooo awesome that the Jazz beat the Lakers, Tomá like they say here in Uruguay. Also awesaome that the Seahawks won 58-0. lol what a buttkicking. Sounds like the Jazz are slowly climbing. Hopefully they keep going so that when I get back I can watch them kick some butt.

Our zone conference is going to be with the zone of Salto. It's this Wednesday. I'm super excited especially to see everyone and also just to have a great conference and enjoy the Christmas Spirit. It's always a great time of year. Here it's a little weird because instead of snow it's super hot sun of over 100 degrees. QUE LOCO.

To end I'm going to give you good news. We have someone who is letting us use Skype, WOOT. So you'll have to send me the info or however it works and we'll SEE each other in a couple of weeks.

I love you guys and I love this work almost as much. Have a great week and remember to stay close to the Lord.

Elder Jordan Duke

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