Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 24, 2012: Week 62

Hey Fam!

This is going to be short because we'll be talking and today isn't our P-day but we're doing cyber today so ya...

We had a good week but we found out that Adriana's boyfriend still hasn't left so we need to help get him out ;) She wants him out and he's not a good person and treats her badly. She needs a push of support to get the courage to tell him to get out. Elder Woolston offered to do it for her, but she declined, lol. Really we just want her to be able to receive the blessings that God has for her and make a step forward in her life, because that man is holding her back. 

Other then that we are still in the search for new people. 

Sounds and looks like you had a good time going to Salt Lake. When did they build a train? Sooo much is changing since I left. I feel way out of the loop. Well I am, but still...

So I didn't get the packages still but it's alright, they'll come eventually. I'm super excited to see what everyone got for Christmas. Like you saw I created an account and Skype is definitely still on. 

Not much more to say because if I say more I'll have nothing to say tomorrow. ;)

I love you guys and hope you enjoy your last Christmas season without me!

Love, Elder Jordan Duke 

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