Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012: Week 61

Hey Family!

Are you as excited to talk to me as I am to talk to you?! I'm pretty excited! I plan on sending you stuff, but it won't get there until after Christmas. Also I have a letter but I forgot to send it last week so it will get there late also.. Yes i'm here in 100 degree weather in December! It doesn't feel anything like Christmas here. The only thing we have is the Christmas music we have that we listen to in the house. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't come with the 90% humidity!! That's what kills us! We literally do nothing but sit there in a lesson and talk and we have sweat pouring down our crazy!!

Thanks Josh, lol! I'll try really hard not to get hit by a bus ;) Also I'm pretty sure I'd be coming home early if I did drugs, so thanks for warning me, lol! I'm not going to school by the way...
We'll be looking for those packages. Also I am planning on sending stuff home but I haven't done it yet. It will most likely get sent out next week. And yes I'll send something to the anonymous Jam sender ;) lol.

I have no idea about anything to do with Skype. If it's better to make me one then lets do it, but I really have no idea how to even do it. It'll all work out though and it'll be great to "see" each other. I'll write down the 2 Skypes so I have them ready.

The referrals, are good... sort of... One hasn't anwered the door when we go by and the other still goes to church in the other ward and can't be taught in his home, so he's being taught by the missionaries in the other ward. We have good news though from our other investigador Adriana. Her boyfriend that was living with her is going to move next week so she can get baptized. We're going to give her a fecha for the 29th of this month. I hope all goes through. It would be great to have a "White Christmas" baptism.

I have pics from the Zone Conference and I'll send them in this email. I want to see the Hobbit soo bad. I'll just have to hide in my room for a few weeks after I get back to catch up on the movies, lol! I'm glad you had fun in the Family Christmas party. Next year it will be more exciting because I'll be there! ;)


Good to here that Mom is getting back into school. It's really a blessing that you're able to go back. Good luck in school!

I love you guys and I'll see you in 8 days!

Love, Elder Jordan Duke

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