Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012: Week 59

Hey Family!

So to start off I thought of a few things that I wanted for Christmas but didn't remember to write it down to tell you. I'd like Hot sauce, the hottest you can find the better.  Also warheads, they are super funny when you give them to the Uruguayos, lol! I'd love it if you could send some of that really good Mississippi BBQ sauce that we always have at the house. Also if I didn't already say Twix Peanut Butter. And last but not least a rubix cube. I learned how to complete it here and ever since have wanted one. The limit for packages is 5 kilos or 10 lbs, but I doubt that that stuff will weigh 10 lbs.
Other announcement... I don't remember if we had some kind of garauntee on my glasses or not, but the ear piece on one side is busted beyond repair and I've taken it to eye places here and they haven't been able to do anything... If you can I'd would love new frames sent.

We'll to talk about the area. We had no one in church for the second week in a row... Sometimes I get really annoyed at people that use their agency to make wrong choices. Even after you've taught them  all they need to make the right choice. We have more plans this week to find more and also to find the doubts of the people that are keeping them from entering the church. We're going to have at least 1 person in the church next week si o si.

Alright to answer the questions about the mish. Our District consists of Me and Elder Woolston(Murray, Utah)(DL). The Zone Leaders (Elder Velazquez(NY, USA) and Rivera(Honduras)), Elder Crawford(ID, USA) y Elder Favero(Sao Paulo, Brazil), Elder Bustos(Argentina) y Elder Encina(Paraguay) and the Hermanas Mosmann(Argentina) y Castro(Guatemala) There are 18 missionaries in Artigas and only 2 are Hermanas. The other district has the other 4 companionships and their DL is Elder Bryant from Ohio.

I lost contact with Elder Minter after he left Rivera and that was 3 changes ago so I have no idea and I didn't ask him when we went to Elder Oaks's conference. Elder Webster is in Tacuarembo. Elder Salmond was in Paysandu last time I checked, but I could be wrong. Also when we went to Elder Oaks's conference, it was the first time I had seen Elder Webster since the CCM!

I'm glad to hear that your had a good week. I'm surprised that you got the tree up soo fast! I haven't recieved anything for Christmas but I should soon. I wasn't expecting more the the $100 that you said you were going to put before. This Christmas we're going to spend with the Family Bueno, which is the stake president and his family. I'm not sure how many of the missionaries are going to be there but there will be a lot.

There is a place to change dollars to pesos so that won't be a problem when Grandma's card gets here. Also I can easily send somethimng home. I don't know if it will get there before Christmas, but I'll try.

I still think it's so cool that your friend got baptized! It's really is the best step for anyone, and being out here on the mission has helped me realize that. We really have the right message for everyone because it's the perfect message. It's of God.

I love you guys and I love the work. I know that we will be blessed every day of our lives if we just simply complete with the commandments of God and strive to be our best. I hope you all have a great week and I can't wait to talk to you in a few weeks!

Love Elder Jordan Duke

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