Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2, 2013: Week 63

Hey Fam,

So as you figured this week is changes, but my changes story this time is very interesting...

To start off, I was in Artigas with Elder Woolston at the house after the day and I recieved a call from President Heaton. He asked how I was doing then asked if I was ready for my assignment. I was sure that something big or crazy was going to happen, because he doesn't just call anyone. I told him yes and he told me that I'd be going to a small branch in Rivera named Tranqueras and going up as senior comp. But that's not all. I'd be opening the area so I needed to leave early to learn the area for when my comp comes we can know at a least a little bit. Of course I was freaked out a bit. Then on Monday I still didn't know what was going on, until I got a call at about 10:30 from the offices. They told me that I needed to pack fast because my bus to Rivera left at 12! So, I packed super fast like a mad-man, probably the worst packing job ever, and was ready around 11:30. Westarted calling taxis and the line was busy.....We couldn't get ahold of any of them. So we called to offices and the AP's were texting us and we had everyone in Artigas trying to get us a taxi. The only problem with the idea was then 3 or 4 taxis showed up at our house and by that time the bus had already left so we had to tell them all we didn't need them anymore. Of course, some got mad, but whatever. So they then told me that I'd be leaving wednesday, and I thought alright at least I'll have time to say goodbye, but no....I then got a call that I was leaving at 2:30 through a bus route in Brazil and that I had to be at the terminal at 2:00 to get my ticket. We went to lunch superfast and ran to the terminal, I got on the bus and that ended my time in Artigas. Just like that, chau. Ya super crazy and stressful. So right now I'm in Rivera and my comp will be Elder Rodriguez. I don't know anything about him. For now until next Monday I'll be with Elder Lopez, who was here in the area before, so he can teach me the area and then he's gone and Rodriguez is coming. So my fin de año was loco!

Other than that I'm not sure of much. I have a few names of the investigadores in Tranqueras that I know. There's Carlos Machado, Victor, another Carlos and Hno Lemos. Really I'm excited for this and there's a lot of work to do here.

I'll look for that money soon from Grandma and my packages still aren't here but I should get them next week. If not........I don't know.

I can't believe that Dayna and Glenn are married already!! Time is flying by soo fast. So crazy! Well for now I don't have much more to say. Thanks for the video I'll watch it next wek when I have headphones.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Stay close to the Savior and be safe!

Elder Jordan Duke

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