Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12, 2013: Week 73

Hey Fam!

How goes everything over there? Here it's all good. So first to answer the questions. I'm staying here in Tranqueras and Elder Rodriguez is going to Montevideo, Estaca Oeste with Elder Velazquez. I'm staying here with Elder Hermosilla from Paraguay. What part I don't know. I think that covers about all of them. Once I know a little more about my new comp I'll let you know. To answer your question about the package, I'd like of course PB, also if you can send me some of those salt and vinegar chips. I miss those sooo much. Well not as much as Dr. Pepper, but still. Anything else yummy you can think of would be great.

Well as for the area, it's going good. Cool story, we met a guy yesterday who was really great. We first saw his dogs, He has like 4 or 5 pitbulls and other dogs like that, and he tolds us that he uses them to hunt wild Boars. Crazy no! The cool part is that he showed us the heads of the boars and they were huge! I didn't have my camera with me though..... I'll have to remember the next time we go. He was really nice and told us we could come back and teach him, so we're gonna go back some time this week. Also we're doing good with Elias and alright with Juan Pedro. Elias is progressing well and really shows interest and he keeps up with the commitments. Only thing he needs now is to come to church. Juan pedro started working again and now it's getting harder to find him. I'm not sure if he's really into it. He's not really keeping up with his commitments and doesn't seem to have much interest right now. We haven't seen Camila because they went to Rivera for a few days, because her mom is going to start hair cutting school. I really believe that we'll have a couple of people ready for baptism before this change ends.

Really I've enjoyed my time here with Elder Rodriguez and I learned a lot. Even though I was senior comp I felt like we were more just companions with one purpose. I learned that from my other companions before that, you should work together and really there isn't a diference in junior and senior comp, beside that one has a little more time and experience. Speaking of time, this change I hit my 1 1/2 mark.. :S That scares me. Time is going by way to fast. It's really a mixed feeling, because I can't wait to see you guys again, but at the same time I don't want to leave. I've had such a good time here serving and I don't want it to end. What I Will do though is work my hardest this last 4th of my mission and just knowing that I did all I could for my Heavenly Father here in uruguay will be good for me. I really Love it here in uruguay. The people are great and really nice and open. The food is alright, lol. Overall I couldn't have asked for a better place to serve and I feel that really I was meant to be here.

So, sounds like your all keeping busy. From Mom's email it appears that it's just as hectic as I remember, with everyone running around with alot to do. I hope all goes well in your diferent things you have to do.

I love you all and want you to know that I know that this gospel is true. Everything in it is intended to make us happy and even though sometimes it seems like others outside are having more fun and are more happy. That happiness won't last and the real happiness is found in loving and living the gospel. I love you all so much and i wish you the best in this week.

Lots of love,
Elder Jordan Duke

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