Monday, March 18, 2013

March 18, 2013: Week 74

Hi Fam!

How's everyone doing? Me good. SO to tell you a little bit more about my comp. His name is Jared Hermosilla. He lives in a city called Luque. It's about 30 mins from Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. He has his parents and 1 little sister of 4 years. He's really great, can be a little strange sometimes but he is willing to work a lot and loves to teach the people. I'm really having a good time with him here and we're seeing a lot of little miracles everyday. We have been working a lot with the recent converts and finding those that have been baptized recently to help them come to church and it's helped us to find new people to teach also.

This week was great, because we found some great people. Blanca and her daughter Monica are a couple of them. They are actually relatives of a recent convert of my comp Elder Hermosilla from his old area in Rivera. They are really receptive. Especially because their sister/daughter recently was baptized. Also we were able to talk to the parents of another recent convert from the old area of Elder Hermosilla, who live here in Tranqueras. These little miracles that have happened are a testimony builder for me that the changes are from God and that President Heaton doesn't just pull names out of a hat.

Also going great with Elias. He wasn't able to come to church because his parents had him working in their almacen (grocery store) in the morning on Sunday, but all is good because we talked to the parents about how it was important that He comes to church on Sundays and they were OK with it. We also invited them, but they weren't too sure about it.

Juan Pedro is going mas o menos. He told us he was coming, and when he hadn't showed up we went to find him. he told us that he was too tired to come and that he didn't have the ganas (desire) to go. We explained to him a little about why he should come and that he'd feel better by coming and he said he'd come for the last hour. The last hour came around and he didn't show. We actually ran into him early today and he apologized for lying to us and said that si o si he's coming (come what may) this sunday. I hope that he does and will be praying for him alot.

The President is doing good. His family not so much. Sadly he is the only active one in his family. We've tried to talk to his wife, but she doesn't want anything at all. I really don't know why she's like that. The kids don't go either because "if mom doesn't go, then I don't have to." It's really sad and we are trying to help, but his wife is very stubborn. Him personally he's doing as good as he can. He just got off of vacation time from work so he's going to be less available then before.

Kaili looks great! Really grown up. I can't believe that they're all getting so old. Crazy! I can't say Irecognize any of her friends there, but looks great. The photos turned out really good.

I love you guys tons! I really love this work and my Savior. I can't wait to be able to share with you guys all the great memories and recuerdos. No I'm not trunky but I'd be a liar if I said that I don't think about you guys always. I hope that you all have a great week and that after this life we can be together forever as a family.

Lots of love,
Elder Jordan Duke

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