Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23, 2013: Week 79

Hey family,
Interesting news, I'm staying in Tranqueras for a 4th change. Clearly there is something I still need to do here and I'm determined to do all I can to accomplish it. Yep, Elder Hermosilla is going to Cerro, Mdeo. It's the most dangerous area in the mission. There they don't allow the elders to carry backpacks or a lot of money, stuff like that. Also luckily for me skinny white elders don't go there, lol!
My new comp is Elder Lamb from.........Canada! What part I don't know, but he's coming from where I started, Tacuarembó.
About the word on my release date, I should be getting it next week in the bolsa.....I can't believe that I'm this far already...I also realized that I now have 0 of my former senior comps in the mission, the last 3, Elders Ruiz, Woolston, and Petersen left this change.
For my birthday I would actually like first face wash, because the climate here does not help with the
skin. Also if you could some crest whitening paste and strips, because the toothpaste here doesn't really help much... I brush my teeth 3 times sometimes 4 a day and well...let's just say I'd like them a little whiter. Oh, and if you can there is a card game called BANG! that I would love to have. My last 2 comps have had it and it's really fun and great to use for Family Home evenings for the activities.
Well, since I'm staying in Tranqueras, I'll tell you about the investigators and stuff. Pablo had a little fall and we caught him with alcohol. He is a really great guy and it hurts to see him falla little, but we're helping him get back up. As for investigators, we receuved a miracle this week. As we were walking down the road to a members house to pick up our clothes they had washed, the Hermanas (sister missionaries) called us with a referal for us. They gave us the address and it was close to where we were gonna go after, so we decided to go and we contacted the lady named Sara. She was really receptive and accepted everything we said. She accepted baptism as well. Funny thing is as we were walking away, I told Elder Hermosilla "I feel something special about her. I don't know why but I feel like she is going to be one of those golden investigators that reads like 5 extra chapters besides the one we left." We went back for the second visit and guess what? She had read not just the chapter we left her, but read all of 1st Nephi, plus the pamphlet we left her on the Restoration. When she showed us where she left off on her reading I couldn't believe it! We asked her how she felt reading it and she told us that she felt good and believed that it was true. That was such a great moment for me. And to make it even better this Sunday was stake conference so we had to go to Rivera which is an hour away in bus. We invited her to come and she wasn't sure because her husband was going to leave or something like that she said. We prayed that she could come and as we were walking to the church to catch the bus who appears at our side? Sara! She was there earlier than all the members! She is really a great person and I can see that she is already so prepared for this.
Soooo great to hear about everyone getting married..... ;) Shocks me though to see some that should have gone on a mission, but didn't.  Little dissapointed, but happy for them. Hopefully the marriages will be in the Temple.
Sorry to hear about Bishop Baillargeon. Hope he's well. I'm sure I spelled his name wrong.
The letters I haven't recieved any nor the package, but I'm sure they'll be here soon. Lately I've been studying in chapter 10 of Preach My Gospel.  I've learned a lot about how important it is to work as a companionship and listen as well. I realize that listening is just as important if not more than speaking. If we don't listen to the investigator or member and really understand where they're coming from, we'll never be able to give them that portion that they need to hear.
Well hope all is well back home and that you can see the blessings that come this week.
I know this gospel is true and I love serving the Lord as a missionary. I love you guys!
Elder Jordan Duke

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