Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013: Week 76

How's everyone this week?
For me this week was good. We didn't have too much success as far as investigators go, but we had success nonetheless. This week we saw some great miracles and had a great time being able to share with people the real meaning behind the pascua (Easter).
As for Elias, this week he wasn't home, because he and his family went to Rivera for the "Semana Santa" and still aren't home since last night when we went to check. We did however have a miracle in finally finding Camila, the daughter of a member that we've been trying to find for weeks now. Camila is a great girl, just needs a little more support from her Mom.
The great part of the week is with Pablo. Pablo is a member of about 5 or 6 years, but has been inactive for almost all of it. He lately has passed through hard times, with the divorce of his wife and recently being able to overcome his addiction to marijuana. We started by just getting to know him, because he's the son of the primary President, Hna Dora. We started off by just being friendly with him. Playing some card games or just talking about futbol. And after establishing the friendship the miracle came. We went over to the house on Wednesday to pick up lunch from the Hna and as we were waiting for it to finish, Pablo asked us if we could start teaching him how to have more faith in Christ. He explainied his situation and how he knew that we could help him. We gave him a short lesson there about how doing the little things like, prayer, reading the scriptures and going to church help build that strong foundation of faith. He commited to come to church and to start reading and praying. Since then he has already changed alot. He has been praying morning and night. Reads his scriptures and also came to church. He is alot happier now, and even though He just started coming back, the changes are already grand.
We recently had entrevistas (interviews) with Pte Heaton and he told us that in Tranqueras he wants us to focus the most on rescate (re-activation of members) . We've been doing that and have seen many miracles like the one with Pablo. This has helped me with my testimony in revelation, that Pte. Heaton knows exactly what is needed in an area and who needs to be there to do it.
Speaking of revelation, General Conference! I'm super excited! We're going up to Rivera to watch it because they don't have it here in Tranqueras. I can't wait to be able to recieve revelation personally and also for the mission, area, etc. I've definitely come to appreciate more the conference here in the mission and I know that it's something important that we need to grow and be able to follow the will of the Lord.
I love you guys and I know that this gospel is true. As this week has passed I've thought a lot about the Savior and what He did for us. I know that through him all of us can overcome both physical and spiritual death. Through his suffering in Gethsemane and his death and resureccion, we have the oportunity to become like him and be able to enter in the House of God clean.
I love you all tons and Feliz Pascua!
Elder Jordan Duke
Pics below!

 Elders Duke and Hermosilla

 Their new pet!

 Get off the tracks, Elders! :)

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