Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013: Week 80

Hello everybody,

I don't know why I started the email like that I just felt like it I guess.
So how's everyone doing? I'm doing really good. I still haven't recieved any of your letters or the packages so we'll see when it gets here. To answer your questions about my comp. Yes it's the Elder Lamb from Canada...Kamloops or whatever its called. He is really great and he actually is teaching me a lot. He's been out a little under 6 months so he's pretty new and I have to help him sometimes with his Spanish. We get along really well and he's a really great missionary!
So with Mothers day it's most likely that we'll be skyping so get ready for that. I'm not sure if I remember my skype address.... but I'll remember. The details will come later when it's gets closer.
Elder Petersen has a facebook but I'm not sure of any of his info. It might help if you type it in Petersen, because his dosn't have an o and his first name is Eli.
Noooo! Not a Minivan!! Lol! Well if it's what she wants.....but a minivan........oh well.
No I did not get my "trunky papers" yet, probably tomorrow. ya..
So this week was really great! We had some miracles in church and in the week. Sara is progressing soo good it is blowing my mind! She is really one of those Golden Investigators. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for the chance I've had to know her. She came to church again....early....and loved it. We are teaching her with the hermana (Sister) who gave us the referral and the lessons are great. I always feel really uplifted after the lessons with her and it just feels great! She's has a fecha bautismal (baptism date) for the 18th of May.
Pablo is doing good, He's a little fallen, but we're picking him up. We're taking him to a lesson with us today to talk to an investigator with some of the same problems. We're hoping it can help the two be more commited to doing good.
We also had Camila come to church and Juan Pedro. They both are doing great, but aren't progressing a ton. Camila needs more support from home and until we can get her parents to came to church with her she isn't going to progress much. Also Juan Pedro was just picked back up as an investigator yesterday when he showed up to church. We talked with him after church with Pte de Rama (Branch President) and asked him if he really wanted to follow this or not. He said yes so we gave him fecha for the 25th of may and we set up another lesson for today.
I still think about how surprising it was to get the change and knowing that I'd be staying for a 4th change in Tranqueras, but after seeing the miracles we've seen in just this last week. I am glad I stayed and I know that it was revelation from Pt. Heaton that I should stay. I'm glad for all that I've learned here in this great town and for the great people I've gotten to know. I really think that when I leave Tranqueras will be the place I miss the most.
I'm glad to hear that you're all doing great and that your week was good. I hope this next one is just as good if not better!
I love you all tons and I can't wait to talk to you again in 2 weeks!
Elder Jordan Duke
 The missionary "gang?"

 Distrito Rivera

 Elders Hermosilla & Duke

 Elders Lamb & Duke

 Put down the machete, Elder...and I'll stop correcting your Spanish... ;)

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