Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013: Week 92


So this week was great! My comps name is Elder Watts from Midway, Utah.
He's a super cool guy and I'm glad to be his trainer. We had a good week and we got people to come to church that hadn't come yet since we started teaching them.
We have this new thing called the "Jump Out of  Bed Contest" in honor of Elder Nelson, who said that he jumped out of bed every morning to see what the new day would bring. It's a competition of the trainers against the new elders and I'm proud to say that I'm winning! Of course I can't let my "kid" beat me. ;)
Also when he went up to introduce himself at church he left his plack on his jacket and when he went to show everyone his name he realized that he didn't have his plack on! lol! It was funny because he got all red and embarassed a little. I just laughed. Then I was called up to give a talk on short notice. Of course I wasn't laughing anymore. I did fine though and talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon in our conversion and used a lot of the talk from Elder Holland that he gave a few years ago.
We had a good Noche de Hogar and we had fun with the two families we found last week. They couldn't come to church though this week, but we commited them to come next sunday and we have a lesson with them tomorrow.
Soledad and Gabriela and Agustin are doing good. Yesterday night they brought a friend to listen to us and it was great! I can't remember the friends name or I would say it. I usually write down peoples names I just forgot this time.
Elder Watts is already a full participant of the lessons, because I make him be. He already can speak pretty well and he learns more everyday. He still doesn't undertand quite everything but that'll come with time.
Elder Watts was standing right next to Elder Wakely so I saw him right when we got in line. I was super excited to know that my kid would be a from the states. Not racist or anything I just always thought that it would be cool to train a guy from the states and help him learn spanish. Yes I'm sending pictures.
I'm glad to hear that all is going well and that everyone is doing good. Have fun with Band Camp! I can't believe that it's already time for that.. The time moves soo fast it's crazy!
Well I love you all and I want you to know that I know that this church is true. I know that we have a Father in Heaven that loves us and wants us to return with him. I love this gospel and this chance that I have to share it with my brothers and sisters here in Uruguay.
Love you all tons!
Elder Jordan Duke



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  2. Hi! Our son, Elder Watts, is your son's companion! We have heard nothing but wonderful things about Elder Duke. Zach has a tendency to not send us photos - is it ok that we took the some of the photos posted here and put them on his blog? Thank you so much!

  3. You certainly may! It was funny when Jordan emailed us about being Zach's trainer because I had already seen Elder Watt's blog. He was in the MTC with Elder Wakely, who is a good friend of the family and was a freshman at Westlake HS here in Saragota Springs when Jordan was a senior (sort of funny how that happens with the age change) so we had already seen pictures of Elder Watts through Elder Wakely's parents. I had also commented on Elder Watt's blog a few weeks ago. ;) Take all the pictures you wisht off of here. Some of the older pics I have on here were from some of Elder Duke's companions' blogs! Tell your son that he has my permission to make sure Elder Duke works incredibly hard during his last two months! Our oldest daughter saw the pics Elder Duke sent to us and remarked, "Wow! Jordan finally has a companion that is taller than he is!":)