Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 12, 2012: Week 21 Changes are here...

Yep today is my last day with Elder Atkinson. He is leaving to go to an area called Mercedes as a ZL. I'm staying in T-bò with Elder Lopez. Which is funny because we're in Barrio Lopez. Also scary because this is my first latin comp and most likely doesn't know any english....oh well I guess I'll just learn quicker. A lot of crazy stuff is happening in my area too. Literally half of my group from the CCM (MTC)j is coming to Tacuarembò this next change. It's going to be very interesting.

Now for the random stuff I'm in need of. I am some how running out of socks....I think that the people keep stealing them when we take them to get washed. I'm down to like 5 pair total and a couple random ones with no partners. Also my Black Shoes were not very well made apparently. The sole is already falling off and there is a huge crack in the front and a nice hole in the middle of the shoe. and both shoes the soles are coming off. My brown ones are fine, but my black ones aren't going to last. If you can't get them right now that is fine, but just letting you know I'm in need of some. Elder Atkinson gave me some suggestions of good brands that a lot of missionaries use--Rockport, Caterpillar, and Hush Puppies. I don't know how much any of them are, he just said those are good durable brands. One last thing I would like a copy of my Patriarchal Blessing. I haven't read it since I was a junior or something so I want to start looking at it again.

Now that I'm done with my random needs and stuff heres some of what's going on. This last Sunday was daylight savings for down here. Yes they do it down here. and so usually we get an extra hour of sleep. I ended up being sick that night and threw up like 4 times, or in other words all the sleep I got was that extra hour...and to make it even better I had to give my first talk in sacrament meeting. I gave the talk and it went well, but I had to hold on to the pulpit because i was really woozy and had no energy at all. It was just great!

I'll try harder on writing down things that happen so I can remember to tell you, but I did take pictues of the flood and I'll send them with some others soon. I still can't see Dallin (Steed) being married, let alone having a kid....weird! I figured that Mitt Romney would be up in the races. I didn't really understand much of that paragraph at all, so ya...

That's sweet to hear about the Jazz band! Good Job guys! Also with Josh and his instrument playing wonder abilities ;)

Kaili, not surprised about hearing that she is a perfeccionist. lol, 

Marching Band and 33 people, that's sad, that's less people that were in it when I was there.

I'm just soo happy to hear your trying to set me up on facebook Dad! lol Just don't go too overboard. 

Thank you for being the best family ever and I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Jordan Duke

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