Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012: Week 23

I don't know what happened, but I sent a full email last week. Did it not get to you? If so sorry. That's great to hear that Emily and Sarah are doing good in track. I'm worried that Emily is going to beat my time! If that happens though, I'll just have to beat her when I come back. ;) 

I knew that Josh was going to be a stud at the drums! and I guess the trumpet is cool too..... I'm positive that if he works super hard he could play the drums in the marching band.  How's Lauren doing on the flute? Is she working hard? I'm sure she is a pro by now.

Last week was a little interesting both in a good and weird way. First we found a new family who have 2 kids and a daughter in law who aren't baptized. Also we've started talking to some of our Ex-investigadores and they're better than before. Now for the weird part. We talked to a lady who is very evangelical. She showed a painting of a "vision" that she had, and then started singing evangelical songs to us. It was weird and super funny because she couldn't sing at all. I was trying really hard not to laugh, so I just kept "coughing" and trying to hide my face. I felt so bad but it was super funny, and the songs were really weird. There's my weird story of the week.

As for the missionary work were doing good. We've had more people coming to church and now we actually have people progressing! We are expecting a baptism the 31st. Her name is Mariana. She still isn't 100% sure, but we had her pray about it and we are going by today to see how her prayer went. I'm positive she'll be 100% ready for the 31st. We've have given her baptism dates 3 times before, but something feels different this time, like she is more ready now. We also have some more people preparing for the 7th and 14th of April, so right now things are good.

So how was Hunger Games? Good? bad? Worth seeing? Did it follow the story in the books pretty good?

I don't really have much more to say so I love you all and remember to stay close to the Lord and he will guide you and protect you.

Elder Jordan Duke, your favorite Oldest son and Brother. ;)

BTW you guys sent me pics of Emily for the Pageant and I couldn't see them. I'd love it if you sent them again so I can see them.

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