Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012: Week 24

Hey this week was good. No Mariana didn't get baptized because she doesn't want to actually put forth the effort to know for herself if it's true. Ands since we've taught her everything we had to drop her, but it's ok because we have found people who are more ready and wiling to accept the gospel.

Yes I saw Conference, believe it or not I actually saw it the same time you did. Except Priesthood session I saw this morning. It was a little weird every time someone talked about missionaries. I would look down at my name plaque and realize "oh wait! i'm one of those now!" It was a weird but happy feeling. Also I got to watch it in English, which was good because, no offense, but the translators are BORING. We watched a clip from Elder Holland and his talk on the Book of Mormon in 2009. It was in translated over in Spanish, but you could still hear Holland in the back. It went like this:
Holland: THIS BOOK! Translator: este libro. THIS BOOK! este libro. Something along those lines. They just don't put any emotion in to their translations. So moral of the story, I'm glad I got to watch it in English. Here are a few of my favorite quotes. Some might not be exact, because I had to hurry and write them down while they were talking.

Elder Hallstrom of the 70: "God wants members of His Church to be fully converted to His Gospel."

Elder Oaks ( I think this has been said before): "It's true isn't it? Then what else matters?"

President Eyring: "Serving God and Others is what turns testimonies into unbreakable knowledge of truth."

Elder Holland: "You can never sink farther then the infinite light of the Atonement can reach."

Elder Baxter of the 70: "In the Kingdom of God there are no 2nd class citizens."

Elder Cook: "When you are tone deaf to the music of the gospel, you are out of tune with the spirit."

Elder Scott ( I think his talk was my favorite out of all): "Our Heavenly Father did not put us on the Earth to fail, but to succeed."

and of course President Uchtdorf: "Stop it."

It's great to hear that everyone is doing good. It seems like you guys are going to be really busy this weekend, and it's Easter right? I'm not sure because for missionaries holidays don't really exist. It's just another day of work. Which is alright. It's kind of hard to picture Christmas when it's 90 degrees outside and you sweating like crazy anyway ;)

About the money. Yeah, the call got paid for so we are good on that. Also for the shoes thank you. I'll be waiting for them. I'll just keep the extra money it in my personal account. I definately won't be needing it for a while. Maybe I'll just let it sit there and use it for souveneirs for right before I come home.

I'm almost 99% sure that I'll be in a new area before the next call, because changes are the 24th of April and since I've been here in this area for 3 changes it's very unlikely I'm staying. I'll tell you in the email how it's going to work when we get to that point.

Also about time and numbers, I hit my 6 month mark this month on the 20th! It doesn't really seem like I've been gone that long, but at the same time I still have 1 1/2 years left so it's not that crazy. About pictures, I haven't sent any yet because I realized that I didn't have an SD card to send, but when the next one comes I'll put the pics on it and send it back.

Random story of the week. For the past few days I've been starting to dream in Spanish...and the weird part is that I understand it! And most of the time it's with people who I know don't know Spanish. All the Elders who have been out longer say thats where it starts. First you start dreaming in spanish, then next you're talking in your sleep in spanish and then your giving full lessons and doing contacts in your sleep. Which I've seen happen. Elder Atkinson did it all the time! I sure hope that doesn't happen to me...

Well that's what's going down, down here.
I love you all and want you to know that you're the best family ever! I'm greatful for this wonderful gospel and the joy and light it brings into our lives. I know that if we do what the Lord says we will be blessed with the things we need.

I love you all

Con Amor y cariño,
Elder Jordan Duke

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