Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 23, 2012: Week 27 Last P-Day in T-bo!

Hey family! How you doing? I'm good. As you can see in the heading I'm leaving T-bo. I'm going to a place called Colonia area Carmelo. It'll be fun. Elder Lopez is going to train this next change and I'm going to be comps con Elder Salgado from Chile. I've been told he's a little crazy so we'll see... ;) Colonia is a beautiful city, but apparently it's not so good for missionary work. That's because I haven't gotten there yet ;) I've just been keeping my mad baptizing skills at bay. I didn't want to make the other Elders look bad ;) Lol! Well either way , this change is going to be fun. I didn't get anything in T-bo, but I'll still remember it as my "Cuna." (birthplace)

Package still hasn't gotten here, but maybe on Thursday I'll get it. I'll definitely send more pics when it comes. That's cool with the garden. How high did you build the wall? Hopefully you'll see progress with the garden this year. I knew Sarah would like mowing the lawn, shes weird like that. ;) Still haven't recieved the $20 from grandma, but maybe Thursday with my package.

Right now my feelings are a mix of excited for a new area, but at the same time sad that I couldn't help anyone to baptism in T-bo. Also Colonia isn't known for much success, but I can't do anything about it. I'm just going to work hard and do what I can to help people take that first step of faith, baptism.

Kaili had 30 people!! WOW! Man I probably couldn't get 5 people to my party. Then again I probably wouldn't have one.... but still Kaili has a lot of friends, so tell her to stop thinking other wise. And plus, it's the quality, not the quantity, of friends that matters. :)

Tywahn is getting his Eagle?!? I never thought I'd see the day......Well, I'm still not going to see it, but....ya. That's so awesome! Tell him I said good job, and the next step is Mission ;) I can't wait to see the 4 ft. tree in our yard from his project!

Yep, I've eaten Mundongo, which is a mix of cow intestines, tongue, and other weird parts that we don't eat. And I've had Carpincho meat. It's that giant hamster thing they have down here in South America. It actually tasted really good.

Thought I'd add that so everyone can see what he is talking about. ;) )

Other than that all Fideos (noodles or noodle soups) and Arroz (rice) and more Milanesas (breaded meat patties)

As for investigadores, we've found all the really awesome prepared people, the week I leave.....But that happens. One lady named Cyntia, she has 2 daughters 5 and 1. Her Dad is Menos activo of 4 years and she loves everything, she wants to get baptized so much she complained about having to wait for 3 assistances (attendances....in Spanish the word for "attend" is "asistir" so to say "attend church" in Spanish you say "asistir a la iglesia") in church to get it done. (It's a rule in our mission that the people have to go to church 3 times before baptism, unless President Heaton approves it.) I'll definitely be looking for their names on the list of baptisms we get every week.

Yes Mom was part of one of the spanish dreams, Lol. The whole family was in it. It was really strange.......Chris was in it too. It was funny when he would say his last name with a spanish accent!

We'll thats my week for you, I'll try and be a little less exited in the letter Dad ;) lol, I love you guys

Con Amor,
Elder Jordan Duke

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