Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012: Week 26

¡Hola familia! ¿Còmo Andan? (They say that here in Uruguay like "como le va" y "como esta") Nuestra semana fue dificil. (This week was very difficult.)

Perdimos 5 de nuestros investigadores y otros dos estuvieron a fuera de la ciudad. (We lost 5 of our investigators and the others went out of town this week.)
Entonces no tuvimos numeros muy buenos. (We didn't have very good numbers this week.) Tambien la persona que tuvo fecha por el 21 de Abril no asistio y Èl era mi ultima oportunidad para tener un bautismo en T-bò, pero solo voy a llorar un poco...:(  no, estoy bien. (Also, the gentleman who had a date for the 21st of April didn't come to church and he was my last opportunity for a baptism in T-bo (Tacuarembo), but I'm only going to cry a little I'm OK.) Es mas probable que esta semana es mi ultima semana en T-bò. (It's very probable that this is my last week in T-bo.) No puedo creer que voy a salir mi primer area. (I cannot believe that I'm going to leave my first area.)  Estuvimos hablando acerca de a los cambios y a donde vamos. El cambio pasado Elder Atkinson tuvo un sueño sobre el area Mercedes y ahora esta allì. Dos semanas atraz yo tuve un sueño acerca de Paysandù, entonces vamos a ver. Capàz me voy allá. (We were talking about changes and where we might go.  The last change, Elder Atkinson had a dream about Mercees and that's where he is now.  Two weeks ago, I had a dream about Paysandu.  We'll see.  Perhaps that's where I'll go.)

¡Que bueno que ustedes viajaron a Logan! ¿Que van a hacer con cuatro hijos en la casa? (Very nice that you traveled to Logan.  What are you going to do with only 4 kids in the house?)
Ok enough Español, How are you guys doing? I`ll be waiting for those pics. Yes I´m most likely leaving after this week, for those thatt understand spanish you already knew that. It`s really weird because I never thought I`d leave my first area. Then again I never thought I`d leave the CCM or my trainer either... The time is going by really fast! I complete 6 months in 4 days! that's crazy! My Mission Dad is going to "die" in 4 months! I guess what they say is true that time flies by when you're having fun. The family that we had all 7 of them with fecha came to church but felt encomoda (a word for uncomfortable....though that isn't quite the exact thing he's trying to say...) and they dropped us.....pero que vamos a hacer? We have other people that are closer and more ready to accept so we`ll see how that goes.

It`s super awesome to hear about all the new missionaries! Now just waiting till I hear about more 1st ward missionaries *hint*hint*
I haven´t gotten my shoes and stuff yet, but hopefully tomorrow. I`m not sure if I`ll need the inside of the coat, but if I do I`ll let you know. So Tyler is doing his Eagle? He`s thinking mission next, right? Good for him! Also tell him when he can take a little time out of his busy schedule to reply to my letter I`d appreciate it ;)

Kaili is 16! How old!! We are just going to forget the fact that in about month and a half I won’t have a 1 as the first number in my age............. ¡¡Feliz Cumpleaños!!
You can accept the friend thing from la Familia Nuñez. They`re a member family in the ward I`m in. We`re working with their daughter who has 10 years. Don’t know why she didn`t get baptized earlier....
I love you guys and miss you!! Make sure to eat lots of cake for me in about a month and a 1/2.

Elder Jordan Duke

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