Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012: Week 28 First Week in Carmelo, Colonia

Hey family!! How's it going? The city is cool. It's about as big as Centro in T-bó. Which is crazy because there were 4 companionships in Centro, and we have in this area just us 2. My comp is alright. He does a few things that are annoying, but I just decided to not let them bug me. It's also funny that you talked about going to members houses and wasting time. I have a probelm with the way my comp does "service." We go to the members' houses and he helps them download movies and stuff from the internet. They are church movies but still, we were in a house for 5 hours once! I've talked to him about it and told him we shouldn't be doing this. He told me that I was wrong, and it was alright to be in their house because we are doing "service." He then called me a "Pharisee" because I am so worried about following every little rule. What else should I do?

Ok now that that is out of the way, I heard that Colonia is super old, but I didn't know it was older than the U.S. Crazy! I'll defintely be taking pics here. I might not have tome to take a lot, because I'm 2 hours away from Colonia the City, and it's 200 pesos for the trip every time. I didn't get the package yet because we are far away from the other missionaries and we didn't have our meeting this last week. I will most likely 100% get it tomorrow or wednesday. Also speaking of packages I'd love you to send me the inside of my coat. It's getting super cold down here! My Birthday is going to be weird.....and cold......Also what I want the most for my Birthday is more American candy and food type items and Money in my account so I can buy some souveneirs. I doubt we will find people with Skype here for Mother's Day because I'm not actually in the rich, nice part of Colonia, but I will definitely try. Just out of curiosity, who would you guys do the Skype with? Do you have Skype?

I'd better get copies of Emily's senior pics. I'm surprised that it's already time to start band again. How time flies! Tell the kids good luck and I want updates on how it goes.

Most of my negative comments on the E-mail weren't serious, but I have been frustrated before. As of now I'm fine now and we have some really good prospects for baptisms this change. I don't remember to many names because I just got here, but when I do I'll keep you updated.

I'm forgetting everything, including English. My comp asks me about words and sometimes I can't remember what it means in English. if I don't get an English comp soon my English is in trouble.

Nice! I heard that the Jazz are doinjg super good for being so young and have a really bright future to be a big top team. I'm hoping that's true, it'd be nice to return home to a winning team. Too bad for Derrcik Rose, but thats life. I really hope someone beats the Heat, I really don't them to win.

Other than all this nothing much more to report, I love you and keep being the coolest, best, most awesome family ever!!

Con Muchisimo Amor,
Elder Jordan Duke

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