Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012: Week 22

Everything is great here. My new comp. is Elder Lopez from El Salvador. He's pretty cool. I actually can understand most of what he says because he speaks alot more clearly than Uruguayans...just a different accent.... Lol it's all right though, that's probably what British people think about Americans and their English. He likes it here in Barrio Lopez. It's funny because he calls it his barrio. Also he's DL, I haven't has a single comp who isn't DL. It's  alittle annoying because I don't get personal studies on some days because we're always in meetings, but it's alright, I'm still learning alot.
Random stuff that happened this week. We talked to an Evangelical lady and she sang us Evangelical songs. She was not a good singer....... Also we talked to some people who go to a church called "Dios es Amor". They have a few different beliefs. They tried to tell us that Jesus had to be baptized in a river because when the sins leave you they go into the water and in the river they flow away, but in a font they stay.. So apparently we can't use fonts to baptize because then we just get covered in the sins of other people. But then we explained to her that that isn't true. First because it doesn't say that anywhere in the Bible, and second all the water is the same water that's been here for forever. it's just circulates through the clouds and the rivers and lakes, oceans, etc. So Jesus would have been baptized in all the "sins" of the other people that were in the water. She wasn't too happy with us when we explained to her that. So we just said that all we are her to do is to invite people to read the Book of Mormon and find out if it's true, and if she didn't want to then that's up to her. Let's just say she didn't even take the book. All she wanted to do is fight with us and try to prove us wrong. It was a little frustrating, but i just sat there and let Elder Lopez handle it because I knew that I couldn't explain it well enough in spanish.

So that was my week we found singing people and people who thought we were covered in sins because we are baptized in fonts....
So how are you guys doing? Anything fun going on? I can't believe that April is almost dome with her mission! That's so crazy! I realized that about the time I hit my 1 yr mark, Alex is going to be coming home! that's just insane. Also I just realized that 1 month from now 1/4 of my mission will be over. Time is going by way way way to fast. I feel like It's just going to keep whizzing by super fast. A lot of Elders say that it really feels like a dream because of how fast the time goes, but that it's totally worth it because your doing the work of the Lord.
I still haven't gotten a letter back from kyle or levi and I sent them like a month and a half ago. I guess we'll just have to see. Ya I don't know if you'll see that little message I sent, but I can't see the picture of Emily for the pageant. I think if you send it as an attachment it will work better. The pics of kaili is cool too. To tell you the truth I think real pictures would be better because then I can show them to people. So if you can send pics in letters and packages that would be best.
I'm doing super good and I know that I'm doing the right thing being out here. It's a little frustrating at times, but it's totally worth it.
I love you all!
Con Cariño,
Elder Jordan Duke
P.S. I think it's Lauren's turn for a letter this week. I also sent one for Josh last week. Don't know when you guys will get letters but I've written letters every week so far.

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