Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013: Week 71

Hey Fam,
So this week was really wet. It rained practically all week, but it was still good. Even though we didn't have anyone in church. Really not even most of the members showed up either... but we still had success. We started using the Area Book more and have gone over the ex investigators and we have foudn some more people to work with. We have also been praying to be able to find more people to teach, because it's been a little slow lately from lack of investigators.
We have seen some miracles this week, first we went by a menos activo that we haven't seen in over a month and there we found her husband and daughter. Both are great people and can progress. They had talked to the missionaries before, but for some reason didn't accept then. We'll be praying so that this time they do.
Second miracle came when we were trying to decide what to do for this week and who to plan for. We received a call from another set of missionaries in Rivera who gave us a referral of a young man named Elias. It really doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're stuck with not much and it's the first referral you've received the whole 2 months out here, it was a miracle. We're going to go today to contact him, and I know that he will be someone that we can help to receive the gospel. I know that we didn't receive that referral by coincidence.
SO sounds like you guys are busy just as usual. Hope Kaili and Sarah do good in Drivers Ed. I'd be worried if I were the instructor, LOL! jk ;) You'll definitely have to send me pics of the house as you upgrade it.
Hearing about all the homework and tasks you have to do makes me glad I don't have to worry about that for now. Sometimes it's a bit of a relief knowing that we just have to focus on one thing really and that's bringing souls unto Christ. Really it's not that easy, but for me it's a little bit easier to talk about the gospel then do a math equation.
Really, Jaron is coming here? That's cool. I'll almost be gone by the time he gets out here but it will be cool to see him, if I do see him that is. Tell him hi for me and that that's super cool that he's coming here.
Well not much more to say, but I want you to know that I love you all and ya I miss you a little ;) but thinking about you guys motivates me to do better out here, because I want my family to be proud of me and also God to be happy with the work I've done in His vineyard. I love you all and we'll talk next week.
Elder Jordan Duke

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