Monday, December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011: Week 10 First Week in the Field and the "Christmas Call."

We received Jordan's call on Christmas day and it was wonderful to hear from him.  He sounds just like Jordan...but again somehow different. He is adjusting fine to being in a place where he can't understand anyone.  I had been wondering, since his Missionary Training Center experience had been in Argentina, if it would be different than mine, having trained in Provo with a bunch of "gringos" and no native Spanish speakers save one teacher, and if he would understand the native Uruguayans a little better than I had with the people of Ecuador.  Turns out it's no different. ;)  However, knowing Jordan, he'll pick it up quickly.  If anyone understands how easily he picked up music while playing his sax, then you'll understand that.  It's all in the ear...language or music.

Jordan's first companion is Elder Atkinson, from Monument, Colorado.  We had the chance to speak to him yesterday as well and we told him to work Jordan hard! He sounds like a very nice young man.  The first think he told us was, "Your son is really cool!"  That made us feel good.  As anyone whose served a mission can attest, a good first companion is vital.

We've made an arrangement to send Jordan a new SD card for his camera every month so he can just send us his "used" card and we'll use those to post pictures.  Hopefully he will have sent his current card to us this week so we'll have it in a week or two and post some more pics from his MTC experience and first days in Uruguay.

Well, here is Jordan's first letter from the field:

So This probably won`t be very long because I told you everything pretty much everything that has happened so far last night. So..I`m going to just tell you about my first P-day. We started off the day with a training meeting for the DL`s and ZL`s and since Elder Atkinson is our DL I had to go. I Waited with Elder Cerna from Honduras and Elder Ramirez from Mexico. While we were waiting Elder Cerna pulled out his Music Player and we listened to some music. The best was the Tarzan Soundtrack, We Belted out "You`ll be in My Heart" for a good 10 minutes because we put it on repeat. After me and Elder Atkinson wentto a bakery called Buen Gusto for lunch. It was DELICIOUS!! Then we went back to the stake center and played some basketball. We played a game of horse that lasted for almost 30mins because no one could make a shot. After we got approval to watch a movie so we watched Kung Fu Panda 2. It was flippin` Hilarious! We just finished it and now I`m here E-mailing you guys. I´ll have more to say later on, once I actually know what`s going on in our area and stuff.

So how is everyone doing? Tell Chris I`m super proud of him. (Don`t worry it`s not the bad kind ;) ) I miss you guys a lot and that phone call last night didn`t help. But it was great talking to you. The next time will be in May, so in about 5months but after that it`s not for another 8 until next Christmas. Hope you had a great Christmas, Mine has been really good! Hopefully I get those packages in the Bolsa tomorrow. But if not it`s not the end of the world. Next week i`ll definitely have more to talk about next week, but for now I love you guys and I can`t wait to tell you guys all about what`s going on next week.

Love, Elder Duke (Jordan)

P.S. I have a list of the people I`m Writing today so I won`t forget.

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  1. I love the new blog! Kyle said that he felt "trunkie" for several hours after talking to us too. He said now he understands why you don't get to talk to family often. I'm glad our boys can get back to work and re-focus. Jordan sounds great.