Monday, December 19, 2011

November 19, 2011: MTC: Week 4

So this week has been really great. During proselyting we taught 2 different people the restoration and I handed out my first Book of Mormon. I told the guy that it was another testimony of Jesus Christ and that it would bless him in his life if he would read it, and he accepted it and when we walked away, and I turned back he had it open and was looking through it. Hopefully he reads it. Also we got new investigadores for Progresive investigador. They're Raquel and Bruno. We haven´t really gotten much from Raquel in terms of commitments, but with Bruno we've committed him to pray for the first time, and read the BoM and he´s done both. He´s also "coming to Church" with us on Sunday so It´s going really well.

I sent a letter directed to Wards (the family) and also a personal letter to each of the kids. I haven´t finished the ones for Mom and Dad so they´ll come later. I've also learned a lot about how better to word questions so they´re more meaningful to the investigadores. Sometimes it´s really hard to come up with a good question, but with practice and faith in the Holy Ghost´s guidance it gets easier. With Elder Minter, It´s true that its hard when we have little in common, but when your both out here for good reasons it really doesn't matter what you look like or how good you are at sports. What matters is that you work together with the spirit to best convey the message of the true gospel. But I am working on making him a better sports player ;).
Also by way of camera, it wasn´t broken, the battery just wasn't in all the it works, but the computer won´t read the camera when you plug it in so I can´t get any pictures sent. I promise as soon as i can I will though, because I have some to send your way. 

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