Monday, December 19, 2011

November 26, 2011: MTC Week 5

I can´t even remember how long i´ve been here because it´s all just a blur. A lot of new Spanish and new spiritual experiences. We started learning about direct and indirect object pronouns and it´s kind of confusing. Just some of the ways that things are said in Spanish is completely backwards. With spiritual experiences, we have what´s called "Progressive Investigator" which is where one of the teachers plays the part of an investigator and we have to teach them lessons and get them towards baptism. Our last investigator was Bruno. He was very nice and really willing to learn. he read the BoM in a week. And our last day with him we committed him to baptism, and he accepted! It felt awesome, until we realized it wasn't real.......But thinking back on how happy I was, I can´t wait until I can have that felling for reals. That experience made me want to go out and bring the truth to everyone I can find.
Proselyting was hard last week because we went to a new area and the people weren't as friendly. We only got 6 contacts and even then only 1 actually listened to more of our message. i felt really sad that no one would listen, And I felt helpless. It was not a good feeling. Also we got a new investigator and he`s a pastor for the Evangelical Church......I don`t have a clue what we should do, because anything we say he contradicts us and throws scriptures at us like Revelations, where it says" don`t add any more to these writings..." What do I do? Any advice, any help would be appreciated.
I´m going to start writing to all the kids, one per week, starting with Emily. and I´m going to write one to Mom and Dad every week, also if anyone else wants me to write them, put there addresses in an email for me and I´ll start next week when I can. Also about letters and stuff, Did you send that package with my exercise stuff and the pictures and whatever else you were going to put in it? because, I still haven´t gotten it. I don´t know if you just sent it and it hasn't arrived or if you haven´t even sent it. But I would be very happy if I get it soon.

Today is Thanksgiving!!! We had a delicious luch today with Turkey and Jello and sweet potatoes, it was the best part of the day so far!!. So what are you guys doing for the holidays? Are you going up to Idaho, or staying down in Utah? How is the weather? It´s so HOT down here it´s crazy! I can`t believe it`s November and it`s like 85 degrees outside! Has it snowed yet? How much? Just so you know I`m going to cry because I can`t go snowboarding, and I won`t see snow for Christmas :(

How is everyone else. Are Grandma and Grandpa holding up without me there to help ;)
How about Josh and Basketball, he`s starting right? He`d better be. If not work hard and earn it.
Lauren keep practicing that Flute!
 Emily do good in College
Sarah make sure you guys win all the time in Marching band next year
Kaili keep doing great in school and color guard
Mom and Dad keep being great parents
I love all of so much and I can`t wait to see you again and share all the wonderful experiences I have with you

(Jordan) Elder Duke

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