Monday, December 19, 2011

November 12, 2011: MTC Week 3

SO this week has been fun, we had only 15 missionaries in the CCM for about a week, because the other district left early on Firday and we didn´t get new people until today. I´ve learneed a lot more Spanish but it´s hard to remember it all. The new Elders are Elder Whiting from Idaho and Elder Alvey from Ogden, UT. Elder Alvey is like 6´6" and really huge. He´s really cool though. The Other Elder I haven´t really talked to so idk what he´s like. We always eat really good food and it´s always with a lot of meat. This email isn't going to be very long because There is a REAL letter coming you way. I love you all so much. By the way that´s kind of weird that you guys looked up my companions parents........just kidding as long as you act like normal people.  (Editor's Note:  No we were not creepy stalkers...we just look his comp up on FB...and his parents... ;) )

 I want you all to know that I´m really loving the experience so far and I hope it´s just gets better and better. Also I got the letter with the kids and the Band kids letters inside, but none from Dad or Mom....... Did you send separate ones? If yes then they just haven´t made it yet. If no then hurry up and send some, because e-mail is only for 30 mins every P-day so I can´t really answer all your questions and really say everything. I love and miss you all sooo much, but I know that i´m where I should be and I love being a missionary. Also i hope that the letter I sent gets to you soon, but don´t freak to much because it can take up to 3 weeks to get from here to there. Also tell the kids I´ll write them back letters in response to their letters, and thank all the band kids for their support. The advice on not getting killed by Yoshi was especially helpful ;). I know that being on a mission is hard and involves a lot of work, but I know if I just try my best and put all my effort into the work, I will see the benefit. I hope that I can change peoples lives with the knowledge of the truth that I have of this wonderful Gospel. I love this gospel and I love my Savior, En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen. 

Again, I love you all so much and thank you for all the support.

Love, Elder Duke (Jordan)

P.S. Is Emily keeping everyone up to date with my FB? If not tell her to get on it, also tell any of the friends they can just send A letter my way and I´d be a very happy person, and I´ll respond back. See you all in 2 years!!

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